Stretch Marks + Derma Roller

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How long does it take to see results on stretch marks using derma roller? Should I try longer needles?

I just started using derma roller 1mm to get rid of stretch marks that I have on my back, shoulders and armpits, they aren't really deep. I used derma... READ MORE

Can I improve loose skin with Derma Rolling/ Micro Needling? (photos)

I have loose skin from a result of a weightloss. I have many stretchmarks alone the whole lower stomach and a lot on my sides as well. As you can see,... READ MORE

Will Derma Roller & an effective cream work good for old stretch marks If not is there a way to get my stomach back tight? photo

Hi, I have had stretch marks for 2 years now from pregnancy, they are all over my stomach from bellybutton down, they are white/silver they make my... READ MORE

Can I use derma roller and emu oil as a treatment for old stretch marks? What other good oil can be used?

I have stretch marks do to pregnancy they're fifteen years old and I hate, hate, hate them. Did I mention that I hate them? I've been using emu oil... READ MORE

How often should a derma roller be used on stretch marks?

I have begun using a derma roller on my stretch marks; they are old, white and only on my hips and thighs. I have read differing recommendations as to... READ MORE

Dermarolling. Do you make your body produce more collagen or are you using up your own collagen?

I was just wondering about dermarolling.You use it to induce collagen to help stretch marks etc.But I was just wondering do you make your body produce... READ MORE

Can dermarolling cause hyperpigmentation?

I use a 2.0 dermaroller every day for a week to treat my strechmarks and the skin around the strechmark got very dark, is that normal? I dont know... READ MORE

Derma roller for stretch marks?

Hi!I'm 15 years old and I have stetch marks.They have caused because I got abruptly height.They are not very noticible but they bother me.I was... READ MORE

No bleeding while Derma Rolling, was the treatment not effective?

I'm trying dermarolling for white stretch marks I was wondering how many sessions are needed to see maximum results? And if there was reddening but... READ MORE

Do stretch mark creams work even when mixed with a derma roller?

My bottle is running out and Im wondering if its worth it to buy another bottle of some kind of stretch mark cream to get rid of my stretch marks I... READ MORE

I just got derma roller for my stretch marks on my breast on Saturday, the area looks much more worse.

I just got derma roller for my stretch marks on my breast on saturday, the area looks much more worse 2 days later and the stretch marks appear raised... READ MORE

I developed varicose veins and hyperpigmentation after Dermarolling . What is the cause and will it fade in time?

I developed varicose veins (which appeared after 10 days since I started rolling) on my thighs after I started derma rolling on the area because I... READ MORE

Does Dermaroller Works for Stretchmarks?

Does this work for white old stretchmarks? READ MORE

Can Derma Roller Improve and Prevent Red and New Stretch Marks?

I have newly formed stretch marks that are red and purple in color, will Dermarolling help them look less noticble? and can dermarolling help prevent... READ MORE

After using a derma roller, my stretch marks swell and come to the surface. Is this a good sign or bad sign?

I recently purchased a 1mm derma roller for the stretch marks on the side of by buttocks and upper thighs... Right after using it my stretch marks... READ MORE

What's the best solution for redness on my stomach caused by derma roller?

I got a derma roller online and started using it for my stretch mark. i used it once a week and on my third week i got a redness with white heads on... READ MORE

Is the Derma Roller effective for stretch marks treatment?

Hi I'm 15 years old and I have stretch marks.They appeared two years ago when I got abruptly height.They aren't very visible but they bother me.I was... READ MORE

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