Underbite + Dental Implants

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Dental Implant for Correcting Underbite?

I had braces as a teen growing up and after they were removed one of my top teeth moved back to its original position causing me to have an underbite.... READ MORE

Which Will Go First? Full Upper Dental Implants or Jaw Surgery to Correct Underbite? (photo)

When i was growing up i developed underbite and my lower jaw is protruding. I am currently wearing full set of denture in the upper part. I am... READ MORE

Need advice for treatment of underbite (malocclusion class 3) at the age of 22 (Photo)

I have an underbite. Recently i consulted an orthodontist and she suggested me to go for ceramic braces which will require a visit every 3 months.... READ MORE

Can I Have a Space Opened with Braces for an Implant?

Had an underbite, ortho removed four pre molars. Closed gaps. I took off my braces bottom teeth shifted bottom right incisor shifted forward... READ MORE

What problems may in encounter if I get dental implants (lower) if I have an underbite?

I recently have spent over 2 years with my dentist attempting to install my lowers on 3 implants. The implants appear fine, but the set itself will... READ MORE

Do I need an implant for my missing canine? Also underbite and open bite braces and jaw surgery in the process. (photo)

Office one said they would take a few months to open up space for an implant($$$), have the implant done, then few months of braces, surgery, then... READ MORE

I was born with cleft lip and palate in 1969. I'm looking at total replacement top and bottom. I'm far from a normal case.

I still have a fistula, and have been told a bone graft is a must. I have a bad underbite as well. The place I went locally doesn't deal with... READ MORE

Can my underbite be fixed with putting two dental implants? (photos)

Ive been to the dentist and they told me im missing two front teeth..i dnt know why they just never came out. thats the reason i have then underbite.... READ MORE

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