Canine Tooth + Dental Implants

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How to Fix Fang Like Cuspid/Canine Teeth? (photo)

My cuspid / canine teeth have always seemed too pointy and sharp. I have had people tell me that I have fangs. It seems like the tooth is too long. It... READ MORE

Can Impacted Canine Be Fixed Without Braces?

I have an impacted canine and want nothing to do with braces if possible is there anyway that both teeth can be removed and a false tooth goes in in... READ MORE

Options for impacted canine teeth without braces?

I have two impacted canine teeth and baby teeth still intact. My teeth have not been shifting and the rest of my teeth are almost perfectly straight.... READ MORE

Impacted Canine Tooth Exposure Vs False Implant?

I am 19 years old and one of my canine teeth is impact and my baby tooth below that is still intact. I have braces and my orthodontists had told me we... READ MORE

Is it okay to apply 3D crest white (whitestrips) on my teeth if I have an implant among them?

I know the implant/crown will not be whitened, but will this harm the implant itself or put any risk on it's stability? Note: the implanted tooth is... READ MORE

What could be used to replace my partial denture?

I wear a partial denture for 3 missing teeth on my right side of mouth 1 canine and 1st premolar and 1st Molar . the only teeth i have on my right... READ MORE

Long Face Syndrome Questions

I would like to ask for your opinions on wehther or not I appear to have long face syndrome. I personally believe I do because I have retruded lower... READ MORE

How long would it take to open a gap between my canine and central incisors? (missing lateral incisors) (photos)

Now, I also have baby pre-molars that are adjacent to my canines. I wanted to know how long it would take to open a gap between my canines and central... READ MORE

What is the treatment for a 13 year old girl that has a impacted canine tooth?

I have an Caine impacted tooth and I want to know what produces oral surgeon dentist do READ MORE

Would it be best to have Crown recemented or an Implant to replace my top canine tooth?

My 2 yr old left top canine tooth fell off last Friday and I should get it recement, however, I've not recement it yet because, after reading so much... READ MORE

Gold chain method preferred over dental implants for impacted canine teeth? (photo)

My oral surgeon says I should use the gold chain method to pull down impacted canines (instead of removing the impacted&baby canines and putting in... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel the dental implant at while running your finger over your gum? (photos)

Had dental implants on the left side for missing canine and lateral but the doctor said there was not enough space. The outer piece was loaded a week... READ MORE

Upper front four teeth gone along with jaw that holds them, what needs to be done? (Photo)

May 2, 2015 I was in a car accident and fractured my eye, broke my nose, diviated my septum, lost two fron teeth with one canine, they removed other... READ MORE

How many anchor teeth required for 3-pontic bridge?

My partner went to two dentists who proposed fixed bridges which differed in the number of anchor teeth required. Three pontics are to replace the... READ MORE

13 yr old daughter loosing both central and lateral incisors. Can't agree on treatment. What would you suggest?

My 13 year old daughter has total root resorption of both of her central incisors and her lateral insisors. She has a tiny mouth, and currently has no... READ MORE

Am I an able candidate for canine substitution?

Hello, I have two congenitally missing lateral incisors and have already received orthodontic treatment and have since been fitted with two bridges.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op canine implant I can see the metal part exposed. Premolar adjacent to it has slight mobility as well. (photo)

Bone grafting was done at time of procedure.There is no pain or inflammation.Should i remove this implant again and get it done from some other doctor... READ MORE

What kind of procedure, cost, and recovery time am I looking at for canine teeth dental implants?

I'm a 24 year old girl with two badly impacted canine teeth. My ortho told me an oral surgeon can extract both my baby and adult canine teeth and have... READ MORE

Impacted Canine (cuspid) exposure failed 8 years later white pus presence. (Photo)

I'm 26 and I had braces at 16 until 18 to pull my impacted canine. I had 3 exposure surgeries putting a metal chain to pull the impacted tooth, but it... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the impacted canine removed, have braces to straighten my teeth and then have an implant?

Hey, I have an impacted canine and crooked teeth. I still have a baby tooth and want to get braces, but I don't want to go through having my impacted... READ MORE

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