Wisdom Teeth + Dental Crown

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Black Dot on Wisdom Tooth?

Recently after brushing my teeth I noticed little black dot on one of my wisdom teeth. I tried to clean it with my toothbrush but I couldn't remove it... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Wisdom Teeth if my Molars Next to It is Decaying?

My dentist say I should remove wisdom teeth since they are impacting horizontally. He also suggest to get a crown on my molar next to wisdom tooth... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Numbness and Tingling to Start 2 Weeks After Getting a Lower Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

I had my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled about 2 weeks ago. Last night I started to feel a slight numbness in my lower cheek. No pain but it's there... READ MORE

Is It Okay for the Metal Part of the Crown to Be Exposed at the Top of the Tooth? (photo)

During the wisdom teeth removal a crown popped off and was reattached. Afterwards, that side felt higher than before; a very uncomfortable bite. They... READ MORE

I have a very sore spot on my gums above an existing crown. How can this ongoing issue be resolved?

I was having a lot of pain on gums between crown on last molar&wisdom tooth. Given antibiotics for infection-pain went for a week.Dentist then removed... READ MORE

A Crown Before Removing a Wisdom Tooth?

I have been advised by a dentist that I should get a crown on a molar because the tooth is weak. Additionally, I am having my last wisdom tooth... READ MORE

Is it unreasonable to request that he replace the crown free of charge and Is his suggested fix a good plan? (Photo)

I had a wisdom tooth on the lower ride side extracted today - second molar? The first molar is a metal alloy crown fused to porcelain, which is around... READ MORE

My Husbands Last Tooth is Very Decayed from Not Removing His Decayed Wisdom Teeth, Remove Tooth Or Crown?

Now that the wisdom teeth are gone and the next tooth has formed a cavity on the side of the tooth. The dentist filled it but the filling came off... READ MORE

Why does my 1 week old permanent crown and 1 week old fill in hurts when cold hits it? (photos)

So today is 9/15/2014(monday). Last Wednesday I went to the dentist to get my permanent crown on the left bottom side 2 teeth away from my wisdom... READ MORE

How to Stop Wisdom Tooth After Extraction?

My wisdom tooth has been removed andim still in pain. My upper jaw, my cheek, my ear and socket in the mouth and the entire mouth is painful. Next to... READ MORE

Do I have to get a crown on my wisdom tooth after root canal? Or is the permanent filling fine?

I just had a root canal on my upper left wisdom tooth (tooth 16). The dentist put in a permanent filling. Do I need a crown for the wisdom teeth? Or... READ MORE

How can I avoid unnecessary radiation from dental x-rays and procedures and keep my beautiful smile?

I'm in my early 60s and have great oral hygiene and fine teeth. In my 40s, I had my childhood mercury fillings removed and wore braces to correct my... READ MORE

Lower Left Wisdom Tooth Removed Because of Inflammation and Absess Should I Remove Other 3 or Not Because Other Are Just Fine??

And if i dont remove them will my face structure effected or not?? and i think dental procedures are not good for heart.. true or myth?? READ MORE

Is it bad to have no gap between gum and molar tooth?

I had my wisdom teeth taken out almost a year ago. Now when I floss on the bottom right side of my mouth there is no space between the gum and molar... READ MORE

I have a crown and after an infection, I have bleeding. Should I be worried?

2 weeks asgo i had infection near my wisdom tooth,dentist gave antibiotic it was ok.now it start bleeding much.no pain.next to wisdom tooth i have... READ MORE

Should I get crowns on healthy teeth?

I am 37 and have very strong and healthy teeth, no fillings or any other repairs. I had braces as a kid and did have very nice straight teeth until I... READ MORE

Should I remove my wisdom tooth before getting permanent crown placed on 2nd molar?

I recently have gotten my 2nd molar treated with a root canal and have had the temporary crown placed three weeks ago. At the time when the permanent... READ MORE

My wisdom teeth are coming in. Is it a good idea to pull out a tooth with a permanent crown instead of the wisdom tooth? (Photo)

My wisdom teeth are now coming. I have been told by my dentist that they have to be removed because there is no space for them. I have one permanent... READ MORE

Does my tooth need to be crowned after a wisdom tooth extraction?

I had my bottom right wisdom tooth removed today and the dentist at a clinic in Seoul South Korea mentioned that I will need to get a crown on the... READ MORE

Got wisdom tooth extracted, crown is still on pain is this normal?

I originally went in cuz my crown was hurting, dr said he had to estract my wisdom tooth, he said hopefully that would stop my crown from hurting, but... READ MORE

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