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Dental crown did not work. Am I due a refund?

Approximately 3 months ago, a crown was placed on a broken tooth in my mouth. The crown was made from porcelien in my dentist's office. The crown came... READ MORE

Reasonable Cost for Preparing 10 Upper Teeth for Permanent Crowns?

The total cost of the work including permanent crowns with insurance would have been around 11000. However i decided to change dentist at the phase... READ MORE

If I was charged for a crown and it didn't get put in. Can I get a refund?

Dentist had put a temp on # 6 and did try one crown that they didnt like the way it seated, so they took another cast and sent it off. Then 9-11... READ MORE

Disastrous crowns done abroad in Europe - Pls look at pics and advise. What can I do? What are my rights? (UK citizen). (photos)

Teeth were bad due to illhealth, Ive calcium deficiency/req magnesium transfusions. Told gums likely to start receding. Crowns 5/2016, not yet... READ MORE

I had bad crown done by an assistant. Can I request money back from where they bill my insurance?

They know it was a bad crown so they refunding me my money that i paid out of my pocket but they should not get to keep the money from the insurance... READ MORE

Is it reasonable for us to ask the dentist for partial refund on unnecessary work done an a tooth?

Advised, replace OLD amalgam fill w/crown.Tooth had NO symptoms/decay.Began w/pain when chewing Aftr procedure, told it was b/c of bite,needed adjtg... READ MORE

I had a root canal with crown and post. The post has broken 2 times in one year.

Last night it happened again and I almost swallowed it. I am thinking of asking my dentist for a partial refund, cut my losses and find a new dentist.... READ MORE

Unhappy with new crowns. Can I get a refund or try getting them redone? (Photos)

Crowns were put on 3 weeks ago. I expressed concerns before cementing but he reassured me that I just needed time to adjust. I called the next day and... READ MORE

How do I get a refund on bad dental work?

My bridge was done twice by the same dentist. The first time it was placed it came out within 2 and a half years. The second time it was placed it... READ MORE

Is this crown mess up? Can I ask for refund? (Photo)

Had a root canal & crown done 1st crown had to be redone because a gap at the margin. This 2nd crown is the same with a gap but is too short not... READ MORE

Dental bridge: How should I proceed when dentist turns my case over to another dentist but I have already paid in full?

I have been wearing a bridge with temp cement due to fit issues. After many adjustments, dentist has turned my case over to another dentist. The... READ MORE

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