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I want to remove a gold from my tooth.What are my replacement options for long term? (photo)

When I was 18, I got a gold on my right front tooth and now that I am older (39) and my profession is talking to people, I don't find it to be very... READ MORE

I have gum recession from an old 20 year old gold post crown revealing a black line. Should I have the implant replaced? (photo)

Above I'm only 40 and would like whithening is it better to have implant replace crown or composite? READ MORE

Not Sure Dental Crowns Are the Best Choice for Me but Don't Know What I Should Do?

I am a 35 y/old male. When I was 10, my parents pulled my 2 front teeth b/c they were very large and crooked! Plan was to pull the next 4 upper teeth... READ MORE

What are my options for a permanent bridge that has been throbbing for several weeks? (photos)

37 years ago, I lost my bottom front teeth in an auto accident. The ER Dentist put a permanent bridge in with the 2 side teeth as anchors. as I am... READ MORE

Should I get crowns on healthy teeth?

I am 37 and have very strong and healthy teeth, no fillings or any other repairs. I had braces as a kid and did have very nice straight teeth until I... READ MORE

Should I see a periodontist to see if I'm a candidate for a crown lengthening procedure? (Photo)

I'm 35 and finally able to get my teeth fixed (grew up poor). I had 2 root canals done 12 yrs ago, but was never able to get crowns. Long story short,... READ MORE

Full mouth reconstruction. What shade crowns should I choose? (Photo)

I am currently going through a full mouth reconstruction and am fitted with temporary crowns on all upper and lower teeth while my doctor works to... READ MORE

Ok my front top teeth are crowns from each of my K9 teeth do I get an implant or just the flipper?

My teeth are not in great condition and I'm only 35 I have 11 teeth on top and 11 on bottom what would be the best to go with READ MORE

I have two root tips in my gums from two teeth that fell out that were under my caps. I was born with no lateral teeth

My lateral tooth I've never had so Ive had a three tooth bridge on each side since I was 18 I'm now 39. I'm being told I will need a bone graft after... READ MORE

Do crowns and veneers lead to eventual tooth loss?

I am 36 and recently had my smile "fixed" with 4 crowns and 2 veneers. Now I am very worried I made a huge mistake. Not only did my dentist scare me... READ MORE

Do crowns and veneers help lead to eventual tooth loss?

I am 36 and recently had my smile "fixed" with 4 crowns and 2 veneers. Now I am very worried I made a huge mistake. Not only did my dentist scare me... READ MORE

Can the lower jaw move forward after the age of 35? How to avoid? Diverse answers with with explanations are welcome! (Photo)

My jaw moved forward, but i'm not sure if it was before age 25 or after. I am now nearing age 35 and have almost edge-to-edge bite on front teeth. I'm... READ MORE

Black Triangle Closure, Teeth 7 and 10

I have dental implant at 7 and 10--didn't have adult teeth. Had the surgery when I was 13, and now I'm 35. No problems with the implants. I now have... READ MORE

Crowns with different materials in 2 central front teeth? Does Zirconium crowns require more tooth removal than Alumina? (photo)

I am 39 years and I have 2 central crowns in Alumina on my front teeth, placed 4 years ago. One of the teeth had to go through root canal treatment... READ MORE

Is there a glue/cement that will bond a permanent retainer to my top teeth? They have two crowns.

I'm 42 and just had my braces removed after 2.5 years. I had thought I was going to be getting a permanent retainer top and bottom but when the time... READ MORE

Looking for financial help with cosmetic dental treatments. I've been through so much and need closure. Any suggestion?

Pg. 2 Erica, age 38. I wanted to add that I only got 6 crowns on top teeth, hoping to get remaining teeth done. Sadly, if I have to have the 6 crowns... READ MORE

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