Abscess + Dental Crown

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How Involved is a Dental Crown and a Root Canal?

What are the steps involved in getting a root canal and a dental crown, due to an abscessed cavity. READ MORE

Can An Abscess Develop After A Root Canal? Tooth Did Not Have An Infection Or An Abscess Prior To Root Canal.

I had a root canal done 3 threes ago on my lower molar. A root canal was done not because of an infection (such as a abscess) but due to a bad cavity... READ MORE

Abscess crown 10 days in hospital. What now? (Photo)

I had all my front teeth crowned and they were beautiful ...for 3 days! I then started having pain then swelling..and swelling, and more swelling.... READ MORE

what treatment is best for a periapicial abscess on a crowned tooth?

X-ray shows the abscess has gone through the bone. I have taken antibiotics for two weeks and still have the knot on the bone. READ MORE

Pulling Tooth or Risking Root Canal with Post and Crown?

I have abscess of a back molar. The dentist did x-ray and it needs root canal. He sent x-ray to endodonist. Dentist called me back and said he showed... READ MORE

Why did my endodontic dentist refer me to another endodontic dentist?

My upper left #14 with a crown has an abscess. I saw a dentist who specializes in Endodontics and he gave me a referral to another Endodontic... READ MORE

Had a crown done in February, need a root canal now because I have an abscess

Had root canal years ago but at the time of this new crown it fell off the next day went back in 48 hours wondering if this is why its infected or is... READ MORE

Can I fill an abscessed tooth to buy time?

I've had a tooth that abscessed twice in two years. I was able to fight it off with antibiotics and Now it's been so long (another two years) that the... READ MORE

I had a root canal and a crown. The tooth is an anchor for a bridge. The root canal tooth is abscessed.

Had a root canal and a crown years ago. The tooth and the tooth behind it are anchors for a bridge. The tooth with the root canal, I believe, has an... READ MORE

Infection / abscess after tooth pulled, temporary crown, and root canal

I had a root canal April 2013, on 4 lower front teeth. Had the temporary crown put on April this yr and had to get one tooth pulled. Wednesday it... READ MORE

How long should it take to heal a root canal through an existing crown?

Would love help, thanks it's drivimg me crazy!!!! How long should it take to heal a root canal thru an existing crown....? Oh and I had an abscess!it... READ MORE

I have a cyst or abscess in the base of my gum due to a failed RCT, I have now had my Zirconium crown removed & my tooth.

The cyst - abcess is hard & did not disappear when my molar was extracted. The lump is not showing up on an x ray. What should I do? READ MORE

Had a porcelain crown placed over root canaled tooth now pain and cold sensitivity,why?

Old large filling removed, crack found. A lot of pain so root canal done December 2015, alot of pain after procedure then all good. Core buildup one... READ MORE

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