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Cosmetic Bonding after braces?? Question for both Orthodontists & dentists (photos)

I want to get cosmetic bonding between my left & right canines.i have these weird groves(pics below) which are the natural shape of my teeth.bc of the... READ MORE

Is it normal for front teeth to occasionally hit on s sounds while speaking?

I got a permanent bonded retainer last month and since then i noticed that occasionally my right top front tooth hits my right bottom front tooth... READ MORE

Should I get bonding and a permanent retainer since the ortho told me my bottom teeth wouldn't move if my retainer broke? (Photo

After having to wait quite a ways for a new retainer (a few weeks after accidentally breaking my retainer), my teeth moved and I'm not happy with the... READ MORE

Teeth Gap Problem?

Hey. My teeth were very ugly so I decided to get the braces. I had the braces for like 18 months and then my dentist gave me the retainer which i... READ MORE

My bonded retainers are digging into my tongue, what am I meant to do?

A few weeks ago i felt as if my bottom bonded retainers are digging into my tongue, so i quickly made an orthodontics appoint but sadly its in... READ MORE

Is dental bonding a good idea for me? (photos)

I had braces before, and they were good for a short time afterwards, but I lost 2 retainers and couldnt afford to get a new one (I know I suck) so my... READ MORE

Retainer Doesn't Fit, Can Ortho Return Ill Fitting Retainer?

Had impressions for a wire hawley retainer made, when I picked up it didn't fit properly. There is a space between the plastic and 2 front teeth. I... READ MORE

Upper bonded retainers problems. Will my middle lower teeth get damaged hitting the upper retainer?

Hello I just got upper & lower bonded retainers, when I close my jaw the 2 front lower teeth hits the upper retainer (sits right on the metal). Upper... READ MORE

How much would it cost to close the gap between my two front teeth with the bonding method? (photos)

I had braces for about two years and recently got them off last year. I was wearing my retainer and lost it about 3 months ago, since then my gap has... READ MORE

Should I have a frenectomy done before dental bonding? (Photo)

I had braces for three years, I wore my retainer for the time recommended, and then at nights only. I gave up on the retainer three years ago because... READ MORE

Can I use whitening mouthwash if I have bonded retainers?

I have the permanent retainer that is glued to my bottom teeth. It is the Listerine Healthy White Mouthwash, it says it has active dental peroxide. READ MORE

Should I get my gaps filled by bonding? (photos)

I first got braces when I was 14 to get rid if my spaces but my dentist removed 4 premolars before the braces and this gave me even bigger space and... READ MORE

Can dental bonding and retainers be combined to fix a gap and then straighten out the upper two teeth?

Because of the way my upper two teeth are shaped and positioned, they do not stick together. Currently the top half portion are attached and the... READ MORE

Bonded retainer applied incorrectly?

I recently had a bonded retainer placed on my lower arch. However, instead of a some bonding material being applied to a single spot on the back... READ MORE

How much would dental bonding cost for someone like me? (Photo)

I had braces in high school. And now, 5 years later, I have a small space in between my front two teeth and two smaller spaces on the other sides of... READ MORE

Should I look into getting dental bonding? (Photo)

I had braces for about 2 years and after i got them off, my teeth were straight, but one of my front teeth was longer than the other; most people... READ MORE

Will the teeth not covered by bonded retainers go back to the old position?

My braces were put to bring my teeth out unlike in normal cases my teeth was inside and had to be pulled out to the normal bonded... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Crowns vs bonding for small differences in front teeth? I just finished Invisalign.

My teeth have completed invisalin. one crown does not match in color and another natural tooth is 1 mm shorter than other front tooth. Cosmetic... READ MORE

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