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Do gums grow back?

Couple of weeks ago i removed my braces, my teeth looked great till i had them cleaned, i now have gaps, big and small. i am aware that it could be... READ MORE

Is "Bonding" a viable solution to Fix Receding Gum/Teeth?

I have "deep pockets" between my gums & many teeth. My dentist recommended that she could put "bonding" between my gums & many teeth so fill the gap.... READ MORE

Is bonding ok for my bottom teeth to close black triangle? (Photo)

My bottom gums havr receded and I don't like it. Do you think its best to get bonding to close the black triangles? What would you recommend? READ MORE

Bonding on Teeth Revised: Gums swollen and Purple with an Infection: Should I be Concerned?

Bonding on my 4 front teeth. bonding on them for years (inbetween each tooth to fill gaps) with no problem. 2 years ago got redone, this time the... READ MORE

Could bonding help my slightly receding gums?

I have a permanently cemented complete upper bridge, slight gum receding is showing above just a few teeth. Would bonding or can bonding be applied to... READ MORE

What is the best fix for this black triangle? I'm 22 year old. (photos)

A few weeks ago my gums became suddenly infected. Prior to this infection my gums were in good health and I had no issues. I am now left with this... READ MORE

I had bonding done on two of my teeth because of gum recession. It has been two months

When I use a pick on the gum line I feel the sharp pain then it goes away. Is this caused by dentin being exposed? Will it go away? What should I do?... READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding help with closing my gaps for a quick cosmetic solution? (Photo)

I had a frenectomy 10 years ago because my gap was bigger between the top and bottom of my front teeth. I then tore a piece of gum tissue between my... READ MORE

Does bonding have to be redone? (photos)

Composite veneer feels tight, and to close to gums. They're inflamed and throbbing. Do I have to get redone? Can it be smoothed down? Don't want to... READ MORE

Bonding for severe gum/bone recession.

I went to dentist in Mexico today to get 6 upper and 6 lower teeth bonded for severe gum/bone recession. I asked the dentist if he would bond the... READ MORE

It's been 2 weeks since 9 of my upper teeth were bonded due to receding gums. I have been in pain since. What can I do?

This is a throbbing pain, in addition to hot and cold sensitivity. Will this clear up on its own? I also read on this forum that the light used to... READ MORE

Receded gums and braces on top of bonded teeth/fillings that are covering periodontal pockets. Is it OK to have braces on top?

I'm a 44 years old woman, who had braces as a teenager.. Need to get braces again for misaligned teeth, having the clear damon braces put on, some of... READ MORE

Gum Sensitivity Where Tooth Was Bonded?

I chipped my tooth when I was younger and got a new bonding in 2008. My bonding is still intact today, however I am beginning to experience gum... READ MORE

Can I fix my teeth with bonding? (Photo)

I think the shorter chipped front tooth may need a root canal. It was damaged 17 years ago and recently the gums behind the tooth started to swell and... READ MORE

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