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Can't Believe the Difference-Revital-AZ

I hate my back fat! No matter how much time I spent in the gym, my back fat was always there. After just on treatment the results literally made my jaw drop. My clothes fit better, and gave me more confidence. Now when I look in the mirror I am thrilled with what I see. Absolutely pain FREE, I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Process

I had that pulling feeling when the large applicator was attached to my abdomen. Then it went away and I read. When the treatment was finished the nurse stuck her finger under one end to break the seal and then used her finger to work the frozen patch out. Consistency reminded me of a sluggy... READ MORE

54 and Tired of Seeing a Lower Abdomen Pouch, 3 C Sections. - Riverside, CA

I have had 3 kids, all C sections and that pouch that just would never go away. I had two treatments done 4 days ago, diagonally which overlapped at the bottom. Today I put on jeans, happily thinking they fit, even with the swelling. Tonight a few sharp pains, reading reviews I imagine they... READ MORE

Stubborn Tummy Bulge! - Seattle, WA

I had CoolSculpting done about a year ago on my lower belly. I had 2 treatments done. I am 5'2 and about 125 pounds. I have always carried a little extra weight in my tummy. Diet and exercise never really helped with getting rid of the extra bulge. The procedure was pretty painless - a little... READ MORE

27 Years Old , Coolsculpt Abdomen - Princeton, NJ

I had my procedure done at Hazen Medical Spa with Regina. I started with my abdomen 2 hours lower on 12/18/16 I was advised to stay hydrated and to take the 4 day arnica montana supplement to prevent bruising. I started the supplement the day before treatment, I did not bruise after the... READ MORE

Great experience

After researching some of the clinics that offer Coolsculpting in Toronto, I was deciding between two different places . I chose to do my treatments at Dr Freiman’s clinic as I found the staff very knowledgeable about the procedure and the results. My treatment was 7 weeks ago and I already n... READ MORE

Buyer B e w a r e

This "man" is an atrocity to the practice of medicine. He professes his devotion to religion, human compassion and his practice however he literally almost killed me and couldn't have been more disingenuous nor discourteous. During my cool sculpting procedure I was shaking violently and... READ MORE

Great CoolSculpting Results

After exercising 3 and 4 times a week and still unable to get rid of the excess muffin top that came with age, I went to Dr. Garramone's office and Kris Mitchell performed the CoolSculpting. I have had great results. I lost 3 inches in my waist, my clothes are fitting better, and my acid reflex... READ MORE

Super Huge Roll Under my Gross - Grapevine, TX

I had 2 areas on my abdomen treated, upper and lower belly. The results were nothing short of a miracle! I lost 3 inches on my upper rib cage and 2 on my lower abdomen. I didn't change my diet at all and actually had almost forgotten I had cool sculpting done! The down time was zero, I had it... READ MORE

Killed my Fat!! - White Rock, BC

I had been trying for years to get rid of the fat on my stomach.... diets ...the gym .... nothing seemed to work. Lipo was too scary and expensive for me! I went to New Beauty in White Rock, B.C. and Caree was amazing. she helped me with the best treatment plan for my body type and what I wanted... READ MORE

Thunder Thighs - Dallas, TX

My thighs always bothered me so I did a consult for coolsculpting with Charlene at Dr. Lori Stetler's office in Dallas. She explained it would take 2 months to see results & that I would prob need a 2nd treatment. After the 2nd treatment my results were amazing & I feel so much more confident in... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Experience - Vancouver, BC

I went to the Yaletown location with Dr. Kassam and Sarah treated me. I wanted to fit in to my jeans better especially with summer coming up. I went in to get my thighs thinner, minimize muffin top and flatter abdomen. I was a bit uncomfortable at first but the pain went numb almost immediately.... READ MORE

Lower Tummy Bulge - Calgary, AB

My lower tummy bulge has always bothered me, but I did not want to have invasive surgery. Cool sculpting was the best option for me with great results. I had 2 hrs of treatment the first time, which gave me a noticeably subtle difference. Two months later I repeated the same treatment, which has... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at It's BEST - Reno, NV

I was not happy with the liposuction treatment to my inner thighs, and the dimpling it created. And the skin on my underarms was sagging & unsightly at best. My abdomen was old looking and droopy, I wanted that changed without going under the knife again. I looked into Coolsculpting and it's... READ MORE

49 Yr Old Female - Needed Help with Inner Thighs- Thank You Coolsculpting

OK - I have always had fat thighs - no matter how thin or fit I got. I saw the coolsculpting commercial and decided to get a consultation with Dr. Young. After meeting his staff, I decided to do it. It was a little weird getting the applicator on - so you cant be modest. Once it was on the... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Flanks (Lovehandles) - Charleston, SC

Coolsculpting ...for me was a HIT! From start to finish I give this procedure 5 stars! The ladies that conducted my free consultation were very kind, caring and gave me all of the information that I needed to move forward with this procedure that I so very much needed. Procedure Day: Flanks... READ MORE

38-year-old Woman with Stubborn Belly Fat - Baltimore, MD

As I got older, I developed a stubborn, diet-resistant pocket of belly fat that made me uncomfortable in my clothes. I had heard about Coolsculpting and wanted to try it even though I was a skeptic. I sure am glad I did! A month after my first treatment, my greatest expectations were exceeded.... READ MORE

extremely happy - Avon, CT

I had Coolsculpting done on my love handles on Aug 14th 2011 . I’m a fit person and eat healthy (128 lbs, 5’6) but still had some bulging on my sides and my lower abs that were just impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise. I heard about this procedure about six months ago but... READ MORE

Worth It - Bellevue, WA

My experience with Zeltiq was a good one. The treatment was subtle but helped make my clothes look and feel better on my body. I would recommend this treatment to anyone looking non surgical results. READ MORE

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