Sun Exposure + CO2 Laser

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What Are the Effects of Sun Exposure 4 Weeks After CO2 Laser Treatment? Is Hypopigmentation Common?

Can Hypopigmentation Be a Side Effect of Sun Exposure Too Soon After CO2 Lazer Treatment? READ MORE

15 Days Post Co2 Used Sunblock 70 and Got Red?

It was healing already but got redder now I'm freaking out . Is not too red but def more then it was , I'm afraid what now is it still gonna heal back... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness after CO2 laser. Any suggestions?

I am just over 2.5 months post procedure but I seem to have this puffiness & reddish color on my upper cheek (malar bag area) , one side only. I... READ MORE

Will sun exposure reverse the procedure?

I had fractional co2 two weeks ago; although I was using sunscreen and stayed in the shade I got some redness under my eyes. READ MORE

Make up and sun exposure after co2 laser skin resurfacing?

I got co2 laser resurfacing treatment today on my face for scars and wrinkles. Obviously I'm not in any sort of rush to go out anywhere since I'm... READ MORE

CO2 Fractioned Laser treatement on my face. No sun for six months?

I recently did a CO2 Fractioned Laser treatement on my face. Advice is no sun for six months. Does that mean no sun without sunscreen or even with? Is... READ MORE

Fract. Co2 Laser Facial in Spring/summer Period?

Plan to do 2-3 fract. CO2 facial treatments in spring/summer period 2012. Skintype: II-III. I know that it wouldn't be the most ideal period of... READ MORE

I exposed to sun within 2 days after laser session, what are the side effects that I could have ?

I have made my 2nd session of fractional Co2 laser then after 2 days I have accidentally exposed to sun for 10 minutes this was 2 weeks ago But there... READ MORE

How long after CO2 fully ablative laser can I go to take a sun bath?

I know tanning is a bad thing, but i say it just for an example. If i go for a co2 fully ablative laser. When i can fully restore my lifestyle where i... READ MORE

Opinions on having CO2 laser between now and July.

Planning on spending August escaping Phoenix heat in San Diego. In both places sun exposure is hard to escape. I am a daily sunscreen user. Pros and... READ MORE

How long after the superficial session of the ultrapulse CO2 fractional laser can I go swimming and to the beach?

I am getting the ultralulse CO2 fractional laser done for my acne scars. Each session has been divided into a deep and superficial session. The laser... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation, how long for it to fade. How to use hydroquinones and to avoid sun? Details please. (photo)

26 days post DOT laser resurfacing on my entire face. I am developing hyper pigmentation . I am avoiding sun, using sunblock. Do I get rid of this... READ MORE

Is the sun too intense for summertime fractional CO2 of the face?

Hello. My PS has recommended co2 fractional laser for my face. Although I wear sunscreen daily, I tan quickly. My PS says I pigment due to heat. I... READ MORE

I have a fever blister on chin, started Acyclovir tabs day of, I get those if I am in sun, wind, etc and forget sunscreen?

I had Deka dot fractional CO2 five days ago is it normal to still have some under eye swelling? Just worried because about a year and three months ago... READ MORE

How long must I avoid being out in the sun after a Fraxel CO2 treatment?

I am having Fraxel laser resurfacing done in a few days. My skin is fair and I burn easily. I live in Central Florida and love to play tennis. I have... READ MORE

What is a substitute for aquaphor following fractional CO2 laser and how much sun exposure may I get If I go outside?

I had fractonal CO2 laser done yesterday and was given a very small sample size of aquaphor and told to use it for the first 4 days. It lasted 1 day.... READ MORE

When is it safe to go out in the sun?

Dear Docs I am going to have a fractional CO2 laser treatment on the 15.12.2015. I'm leaving for Australia in the first January week and am not sure,... READ MORE

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