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How Risky is Jowl Liposuction?

I had Chin Liposuction in August. Fat was removed under my chin, not the jaw line. My face looks larger now as my jowls are still round, while my chin... READ MORE

Lipo for the Face?

I was looking to get lipo done on my face ( possibly smart lipo). More specifically the double chin and jowl area and cheeks. My question is, I am not... READ MORE

Chances of Bad Results from Not Wearing Chin Strap After Chin Liposuction?

I have developed neck spasm. Recently, I had a jowl and Chin Liposuction. I wore the chin strap for 2 to 3 days and removed it due to neck pain. Got... READ MORE

Lumpy and Bumpy 4 Weeks Post-facial Liposuction: Will Massage Help?

I had facial liposuction 4 weeks ago on the area under my chin, neck and "jowls." I am 33 and it looks pretty good. There is some swelling... READ MORE

After Neck and Jowl Lipo - Wrinkles w/o Compression Garment

I was told to only wear the next compression garment for 4 days-24 hours a day. So I stop wearing it, now I have notice wrinkle are starting to... READ MORE

Concerns with Chin Liposuction

I am 29, athletic, but have always had untoned skin and fat under my chin and around my jawline and am considering smart lipo. I am very concerned... READ MORE

What Can You Do When You Are Post-op Chin, Neck, and Jowl Liposuction and One Side of Your Face is Disproportionate? (photo)

I had chin, neck, and jowl liposuction 7 wks ago. Right side of my face appears disproportionate. There is a long indention, dimples, & grooves... READ MORE

I'm 20 and I appear to have sagging jowls. What can I do to improve my jawline? (photos)

I'm 20 years old and have over the past few years started to notice my jowl area sagging and my mouth is constantly frowning. My mouth appears... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Fat Jowls? (photo)

Hi, I'm 19 and have been born with quite a bit of excess fat under my chin. I'm not at all chubby (I am a size 1) otherwise, but i find that the fat... READ MORE

After Effects of Fat Pad Removal for the Jowls?

Is it hard to eat after fat pad removal of jowls? My husband said be careful with that. My plastic surgeon already said I could have this done. READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?And why others don't? READ MORE

What procedures are available for "older" people with double chins and neck fat?

I am in my 60's and have hated my chin/neck my entire life! What can be done for the aging face with this problem of the short lower jaw, fat neck and... READ MORE

How much volume is generally removed with chin/jowl liposuction? (Photo)

I had chin/Jowl liposuction completed 2 days ago. I am thin but had stubborn areas. I had gastro the days leading up to the surgery and lost a few... READ MORE

Jowls Lipo Went Wrong, Can Fat Grafting Be a Solution?

I did jowls lipo 2 weeks ago and my surgeon removed some fats 2cm away from my mouth corner and created some sagging. Can I inject fats to the sagging... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston Who Does Chin, Neck, and Jowl Liposuction Revisions?

I had liposuction of the chin, neck, and jowl area 9 weeks ago. On one side of my face, there is an indention alongside the jaw area that appears to... READ MORE

Confused about "jawline" versus "jowl" liposuction - what's the difference?

There is a lot of discussion online about jawline & jowl liposuction, but most surgeons seem to agree that jowl liposuction (presumably on/above the... READ MORE

Is this normal swelling for chin implant/lipo? Looks like jowl. (photos)

I'm almost two months out of surgery and I'm concerned about how its looking READ MORE

More loose skin and wrinkles after lipo under chin. What is the next step to improve this?

Thought this would be an improvement but turns out it looks worse. I have more loose skin and wrinkles than before and developed jowls. What is the... READ MORE

21 years old male; What kind of procedure would help my sagging neck and jowl? (photos)

I know I'm super young to even think about plastic surgery but seriously that's what makes me really frustrated cause I have a skinny body complexion... READ MORE

Is this residual swelling or face fat? If I lose weight, will I lose this jowl-like/square like appearance?

Hello, here is my story: I got chin liposuction (smart lipo) a little under a year ago - February 2013 to be precise. On the day of surgery, my... READ MORE

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