Titanium + Chin Implant

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How many years should chin/ jaw angle implants/titanium screws last or stay in the body?

I plan on having CHINand JAW ANGLE IMPLANTS fixed with SCREWS.(In my early forties.)1How many years max should these implants stay in the body?2Should... READ MORE

What is the chance of migration with silicone implant including titanium screws?

Silicone implant with titanium screws in cheeks and chin: chance of migration? (after 2 years? after 30?) Would airport security detect either the... READ MORE

I had a Porex chin implant last year but I want more projection. What are my options? Can another implant be added on top of it?

I got a porex chin implant around one year ago, but i need more projection in my chin. is it possible to add another chin implant on top of the... READ MORE

TITANIUM jaw angle implants? RETROMANDIBULAR incision? (Never heard of such a material or incision for JAW ANGLE AUGMENTATION)

1)PLEASE share any information about the possible advantages or adverse effects for TITANIUM jaw angle implants(custom made). 2) What might possibly... READ MORE

I am considering a mentoplasty and I have a two questions. 1) Fixation 2) Implant

Hey there Is fixating an implant with a titanium screw a common practice? I have seen videos of many Drs insisting it's the only way to prevent... READ MORE

Many surgeons seem to suggest sliding genioplasty for chin augmentation. How's sliding genioplasty better than chin implant?

Need vertical chin augmentation.I'm in my early forties.Considering custom made vertical chin implant.1.CAN A CUSTOM MADE VERTICAL CHIN IMPLANT and... READ MORE

How difficult to exchange silicone chin implant secured with titanium screw for larger one?

Hi Doctors. I had a silicone implant about 3 months ago and am considering exchanging my medium for larger. Since there are so many different opinions... READ MORE

Chin implant long term outlook and stiffness soreness.

Hey there, I got a 7mm Medpor chin implant with 2 titanium screws 7 weeks ago. I'm happy with it but I'm getting stiffness/tightness in the chin area... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Chin implant revision?

I had a poretex 4mm chin implant done 3 years ago, screwed in with one titanium bolt. i want way more projection in my chin. is the best way to... READ MORE

Hyoid muscles extremely constricted 7 days after titanium chin implant. Could this be an infection?

I had a chin implant done last week. There is a hard projection that stems into my hyoid muscles and I'm worried it might be the screw from the... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty plate strength / impact resistance, will it return to it's original shape?

Hi, I had a Sliding Genioplasty around 3 weeks ago, and it went great! However I took an accidental knock to my chin last night. I cant notice any... READ MORE

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