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What Causes Chin Implants to Slip? And How Do They Look over Time?

Do Chin Implants only look good for the first 10 years or so after getting them implanted? If I get an implant at a young age, will it stay in... READ MORE

When is a Chin Implant No Longer at Risk for Shifting?

I had a chin implant surgery 3 weeks ago and was wondering at what point is the implant no longer at risk for shifting, with the exception of direct... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Chin Implant Moved After a Really Hard Blow? (photo)

I've had a chin implant for 2 years and a week ago I tripped up the stairs and fell straight on chin. I had a big bruise for days, which is just... READ MORE

Chin Implant Slipping?

Hi! Im 10 days post op and I have a silicone implant with wings put in. Yesterday when I was eating some food i suddenly felt like one of the wings... READ MORE

Chin Implant Keeps Shifting, Should I Have a Revision?

I had a chin implant with lipo in Aug 2011. The implant shifted out of pocket a few days after surgery. One side was absolutely perfect but you could... READ MORE

Can Shaving Cause a Chin Implant to Shift?

A week ago I had chin implant surgery overseas. I read online that shaving is okay after a few days but decided to leave it for a week to be on the... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for a Redo?

Although it's too soon to tell, as it has only been a week since my surgery, but I think my chin implant has shifted. Should I have to pay for a... READ MORE

Did my Chin Implant Shift - 2 Weeks Post Surgery?

I am 2 weeks post rhinoplasty and a chin implant. I rolled off my pillows in the middle of the night; in order to keep my nose from rolling into the... READ MORE

I Think my Silastic Chin Implant Shifted Slightly when I Bumped It at About 4 Weeks Post-op, but Dr Maintains It Didn't Move?

I am 6 weeks post-op now, and at 4 weeks post-op I bumped the right side of my chin against my girlfriend's shoulder... hard and direct enough to... READ MORE

How can you tell if your chin implant has shifted or moved out of place?

I just had chin augmentation/implant surgery two and a half days ago. I am noticing that one side of my chin, both from the front view and the... READ MORE

How do jaw implants stay in place?

I want to get jaw implants, but i am afraid they will move around. How are they secured in? How do they no move? Can you rest your jaws on the palm of... READ MORE

Has my chin implant shifted, or is it badly placed? 6 weeks post-op (Photo)

Had a large wrap-around chin implant put in 6.5 weeks ago. After a few days I noticed asymmetry- heavier point to jaw on right side (your left looking... READ MORE

Chin implant wings shifted? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 3.5 months ago to help lengthen my face vertically. Just a week ago, I noticed that the wings were not following my jawline/one... READ MORE

Can I shift my chin implant by accidentally moving chin muscle up and down, 1 week post op?

I had chin implant done a week ago. I noticed that I frequently move my chin muscle up and down as a sort of reflex, say if I drop something on the... READ MORE

Can I Have Mandibular Advancement with Preexisting Chin Implant? (photo)

I have a bad bite and will be getting orthodontics and surgery for recessive jaw. But in the mean time I would like to get a chin implant. My question... READ MORE

How secure is a chin implant after surgery?

I'm curious on how secure the implant is 1-4 weeks out of surgery. Between exercising and work, I'd consider myself pretty active and am concerned... READ MORE

Did my chin implant shift (3 weeks post op)? (photos)

3 weeks post op, I can see some asymmetry in the chin. Do you think the wing shifted off the jawline? The perceived dent in my chin does feel softer... READ MORE

I was wondering if my chin implant got displaced? (Photo)

Hello I've had chin augmentation 5 weeks ago, I'm not sure if it got dislodged. Today my fiance was holding my face and he squeezed it forgetting that... READ MORE

Chin Implant Shifted & Major Bumps Under Eyes from Eyelid Surgery 5 Weeks Post-Op- What Should I Do? (photo)

Im at 5 wks post chin implant has shifted for sure because i can feel it (and its pretty clear if you look at me!) has moved more to... READ MORE

Indent on chin when smiling after chin implant? (photos)

Whenever I smile or make certain facial expressions, an indent between my chin implant and jaw is visible. Is this an issue? Does it mean that my chin... READ MORE

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