Scar Tissue + Chin Implant

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Is Chin Implant Replacement Possible?

I had Chin implant surgery in 2005 and was very satisfied with the results. However, since a few years now, I have the impression the implant has... READ MORE

How to Improve Chin Implant Scar After Removal?

I had my chin implant removed 5 years ago. The implant was in for 6 months before I had it removed because it was too big. It has been quite some... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Chin Implant Removal?

Had excessive internal scar tissue. Felt tightness and burning. Had cortisol shots, three rounds. Removed after 4 months. Pressure from pillow makes... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Scar Tissue to Form Around Facial Implant

Does scar tissue form around any type of silicone facial implants in a few weeks weather it be cheek, chin, jaw? If it's removed within weeks will... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Internal Scar Tissue, Uneven/assymetrical Appearance? (photo)

I'm 20 and female, I had a chin implant about a year ago, Overall I am satisfied with the change it's made to my appearance and side profile. However... READ MORE

I Had a Small Chin Implant a Long Time Ago and Now the Scar Tissue Seems to Have Hardened Around It?

If I have the implant removed, but leave the scar tissue in for augmentation, would the problem still exist? i.e would the scar tissue still feel... READ MORE

Pseudo Capsule and Scar Tissue Following Chin Implant Removal?

19 days post ip chin implant removal. In for 4.5 months. Extra small size decided after doc trying small first. I've read the pseudo capsule will just... READ MORE

Will a Dent 3 Weeks After Chin Implant Resolve Itself?

It's been 3 weeks since chin imlant, and there is a dent on the right side. The doctor says to wait because it could just be scar tissue... READ MORE

Smile changed permanently after chin implant removal?

I had a medium silastic chin implant placed through submental incision in August and removed in October due to difficulty smiling It is now almost 3... READ MORE

Chin implant removed 2.5 weeks ago. Should I massage scar tissue?

I had my chin implant removed two and half weeks ago. At first the chin was super swellen then I can feel where the wings of implant were are very... READ MORE

I got a small silicone chin implant inserted under the chin about a year and a half ago. can I remove it without much damage?

I don't like the feeling of the implant and I don't feel is really giving me a significant enough change to justify it being in there. I don't want... READ MORE

What Types of Chin Implants Are Being Used Today, and Which Would Be the Most Highly Recommended and Why?

Can an old chin implant be removed and the remaining scar tissue left in place and a new implant put in, or must the remaining scar tissue have to be... READ MORE

Can a New Chin Implant Be Placed in the Same Pocket a Previous Implant Moved, Became Infected and Pertruded out the Skin?

A previous im(above) was removed and a new one placed a year later, leaving the old scar tissue sitting atop or in the middle of the new im( that was... READ MORE

How long should I wait for steroid injection for scar tissue after Chin Revision?

Chin revision from a medpor to a smaller sillicon. Semi soft lumps not going anywhere both sides of jawline after 4months. Went to couple doctors... READ MORE

Will a new chin implant correct the asymmetry caused by scar tissue from previous implant? (photo)

In 1983, I got a silicone "button" chin implant. About a year ago, I noticed my chin was getting bigger and went to have a smaller one put in. The... READ MORE

What are the risks of removing a chin implant? And how long should I wait before using injectables?

4 years ago I enhanced my chin with a (9mm/9mm/8mm) implant. After having double jaw surgery 3, 5 months ago the implant is too big and crooked. I... READ MORE

Unusual soft lumps 4 months after medpor chin implants replacement. Can surgical scar tissue removal help?

I changed my medpor to a sillicone with thinner wings 4 months ago.Developed soft and tissue like lumps along my jawline where the thick medpor wings... READ MORE

Mini-Liposuction Question?

I have had a chin plant removed,and when the area healed it left a very large ball of scar tissue on my chin. A plastic surgeon went in and scraped... READ MORE

Can a CT scan or MRI to detect if there's any implant pieces left behind after medpor chin implant removal?

I got my 'extended medpor chin implant removed 8 months ago.At first i had so many irregularities and now 8 months later it already improved to a... READ MORE

After Medpor chin removal - I can still feel two wings of implant and it's hard. Will I form scar tissue in these areas?

I had my large medpor chin implant removed last week.Now the front feels a bit loose which doesn't worry me because a lot of reviews said loose skin... READ MORE

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