Discomfort + Chin Implant

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I Had a Small Chin Implant a Long Time Ago and Now the Scar Tissue Seems to Have Hardened Around It?

If I have the implant removed, but leave the scar tissue in for augmentation, would the problem still exist? i.e would the scar tissue still feel... READ MORE

Why Has my Chin Implant Made my Lower Lip Smaller?

Hi there, I had a chin implant a year ago but I still feel some discomfort inside my mouth. I also noticed that my lower lip became even smaller (more... READ MORE

Is my Gortex Chin Implant Malpositioned? I Can Feel It on One Side Inside my Mouth.

I had a gortex chin implant placed 5 days ago and I think it must have shifted. Yesterday I started feeling discomfort on one side of my mouth and... READ MORE

Infection or Normal Healing?

I feel disconfort after my 2nd chin implant 7 weeks ago: sharp and sudden pain in my chin area, sensitive and tingling lower lip where there was no... READ MORE

My Question is About Chin Implants from 35 Years Ago. I Believe It Was 1978. I'm Having Discomfort?

My question is can the chin implants used in 1978 break down over the years and cause problems in the glands in the neck.......i have pretty bad... READ MORE

Chin Implant Discomfort Years After Operation, Is This Normal?

Along with the rhinoplasty procedure, I also had a chin implant 3 and a half years ago in the summer of 2008 and all was fine but as of lately my chin... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Move From Talking?

I just received a Chin Implant about 4 days ago and today, I felt great. No issues except my paranoia. Today, I was talking with my friend over skype... READ MORE

Can erosion of the dental roots by a chin implant happen soon?

I've had a chin implant for 7 months now, and I've been having discomfort ever since. Could erosion have occurred already? How can I tell if it is? On... READ MORE

Is my meduim chin implant too large for me? (Photo)

I got a meduim chin implant which I feel looks too large for my face I think it's the wings that give my face a masculine look and I am experiencing... READ MORE

Can a big chin implant shift while doing dental work such as braces and retainer molds?

5 months ago, I received surgery for a relatively large chin implant that caused my bottom lip to somewhat conceal my bottom row of teeth. Next week,... READ MORE

Swollen left side of chin/neck three months after chin implant and neck/chin smart lipo? (photos)

I had a chin implant and laser chin/neck lipo on January 8, 2016. I am 3 months post op. I get married next month and I am worried because I still... READ MORE

Why do I continue to have discomfort with chin implant after 7 months of surgery?

I got a chin implant 7 months ago: large silicon with wings. Since then I've had persistent discomfort. Symptoms are intermittent tooth sensitivity... READ MORE

Is Mild Discomfort in Jaw Implant normal a year later?

I have jaw implants, one on both side obviously. I got the implants intraorally about a year ago. The left side implant feels uncomfortable sometimes.... READ MORE

Chin Implant - real level of pain/discomfort seems different views from surgeons versus patients. What's realistic expectation?

I have committed chin implant in a 2 weeks. But am concerned with realistic level of pain, as surgeons feedbacks vs patients seem quite different.... READ MORE

Successful Chin Implant 3 years ago - Now experiencing chin spasms last 1-2 days?

Had a successful chin implant 3 years ago with no complications since. In the past two days however, I began experiencing chin "spams" that feel like... READ MORE

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