Compression Garment + Chin Implant

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What Bandages/Garments Do You Usually Advise for Post-op Chin Patients?

Hello, I am considering a chin implant. What bandages do you usually put on patients post-procedure and how long do they have to wear it? READ MORE

How Long to Wear a Chin Strap After Chin Augmentation?

I had my medpor chin implant swapped out for a silicone implant. I am wondering how long I should wear the compression garmet? READ MORE

2 days post-op Chin Implant and Neck Band surgery. Is ther anything I can do to speed up swelling? (photos)

2 days post-op chin implant and neck band surgery. Just took compression off. Neck, chin itchy, right side of face is more swollen then left. I look... READ MORE

Will my chin ever go back to normal? It has been 6 weeks since implant removal and still no sign of normality.. fed up! (photo)

2 months ago I had the smallest size implant put in my chin, after 10 days of having it i immediately had it removed as I hated the feel/look of it... READ MORE

Wearing a wrap around chin/jaw angle implant can contribute to sagging of skin along jawline?

A DR said it's not good to wear a 1 piece wrap around chin/jaw angles implant cuz there'll be no area for the soft tissues along my jawline to... READ MORE

Wondering about chin implant vs chin Lipo vs platysmaplasty and also possible Rhinoplasty?? (photos)

This floppy chin aka "the waddle" is getting more pronounced with age. My family members all have it, seems to get worse with time. I am wondering... READ MORE

Is my chin implant big for my face? I'm aware of the swelling, but I need reassurance from doctors doing this procedure (Photos)

Hello Dr's, It been 3 days since I had my neck lipo and chin implant, I would like to know if the chin implant I selected is big for my face ?. I know... READ MORE

Chin implant removal - how long should I use the compression band?

I removes my chin implant its been 5weeks i used compression band first 2weeks everday and nite. My chin is still huge compared to my original chin.... READ MORE

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