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How Do I Know if my Chin Implant Moved After a Really Hard Blow? (photo)

I've had a chin implant for 2 years and a week ago I tripped up the stairs and fell straight on chin. I had a big bruise for days, which is just... READ MORE

What Would Cause A Chin Implant To Create A Jowling Effect? Why A Bump 3 Weeks Post Op?

Two questions: Under what circumstances will a chin implant create a jowling effect in a patient? I had a chin implant inserted three weeks ago and... READ MORE

I Had Mersilene Mesh Chin Implant, and Feel a Small Bump Beside It... What Could It Be?

I had a mesh chin implant 31 days ago, and it was ok so far, but since I'm not as swollen as I was before, I can star seeing some things I'm a... READ MORE

Should I consider getting a chin implant/jaw implant/cheek injections with fillers? (photos)

So I know for a fact that I'm going to get a nose job this summer (to fix the bump and make the nose more centered/straight) but the doctor I went to... READ MORE

Can a CT scan or MRI to detect if there's any implant pieces left behind after medpor chin implant removal?

I got my 'extended medpor chin implant removed 8 months ago.At first i had so many irregularities and now 8 months later it already improved to a... READ MORE

2 months post op medpor chin implant, I have an infection. Any suggestions?

Hi.. I had a medpor implant 2 months ago. For the last 1 month I have a swelling on one side of the implant and my ps gave meantibiotic (augmentin).... READ MORE

1 year post chin implant swelling

I got a chin implant with 3 screws. I've healed perfectly but 1 year later I started to notice a transient swelling that occurs sometime after very... READ MORE

Should I get a chin implant, nose job to reshape my nose, or both to make my face look fresh, elegant and less tired? (Photo)

I was not happy with my appearance in beginning of 2010 and so I got braces and corrected my overbite. Now I'm still not happy. I feel I have a very... READ MORE

Would I benefit from chin implant with revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2001 with no tip refinement but just bone shaved down, I now have what feels like a growing bump on cartilage and tip appears... READ MORE

Bump on chin implant scar?

I've had a chin implant for 8 years now and i have bumped my chin on the external incision scar. my scar swelled as soon as i had the injury and it is... READ MORE

Can hematomas grow back after removal?

About 7 years ago I got a chin implant. Everything seemed fine to me until I was visiting family in Colombia ( where I got my implant done) and my... READ MORE

Numbness, swollen, and hard lumps after chin implant and removal within a week. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a platysmaplaty 2 months ago as well as a chin implant that was removed 1 wk later. I still have numbness and hard irregular bumps under the... READ MORE

Very long asymmetrical face - chin or Cheek implant? Rhinoplasty? To make my chin look less pointy w/stronger jaw line. (photos)

Super self conscience about profile pictures, I have a very long face unhappy with the appearance of my chin, looks pointy/wrinkly from the front... READ MORE

How would you know if a chin implant has shifted or excess bleeding has occurred?

How would you know if a chin implant has shifted or excess bleeding has occured? Ia m one week post op and know it would take a direct blow at this... READ MORE

Are these photos achievable? Chin implant/Rhinoplasty UK - GIRL - 21. (photos)

So i've been finding it really hard to imagine what I'd look like with a chin implant and if the look I want is even achievable for my face shape.... READ MORE

I want to know the cost of a chin implant/filler and removal of the bump on my nose? (photos)

I have always been extremely self conscience about my profile since I was a kid. Though I like the size of my nose, I would like the bump to be shaved... READ MORE

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