Bruising + Chin Implant

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Removing Bruise After Chin Implant and Neck Lipo?

I had a Chin implant placed and Neck Liposuction. Its been five days since my surgery, I'm taking Meloxicam to reduce swelling. The only problem I'm... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Chin Implant Moved After a Really Hard Blow? (photo)

I've had a chin implant for 2 years and a week ago I tripped up the stairs and fell straight on chin. I had a big bruise for days, which is just... READ MORE

Silicone Chin Implant Hit Twice. Bruising, Hot, Numb; What To Do?

I accidentally hit my silicone chin implant 4 months post genioplasty, it was my first procedure, it healed well those past 4months, I bumped it with... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Chin implant, I have a turkey neck. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a chin implant done 4 weeks ago. The buising is gone. The numbness almost completely subsided. But now I have this very strange neck creating a... READ MORE

Swollen jaw lymph knots after chin implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a chin implant (medium) size on Saturday.Yesterday I had my dressings removed and I was a by shocked by the swelling of my jaw line. The actual... READ MORE

Anything I can do to facilitate the healing process? (Photo)

10 days since surgery - eyelids, playtsmalplasty & submental liposuction of neck, & small chin implant. Yes, I'm (evidently) a bruiser, healing... READ MORE

Chin implant 4 days ago (through the mouth) I still keep swelling as if my chin is going to explode. Is this normal? (Photos)

I ha a chin implant 4days ago (through the mouth) and I still keep swelling as I THE chin and the area under and around it is going to explode. A bit... READ MORE

8 days post op Chin Implant & Neck Lipo, Never had any bruising & very little pain. With that, could there still be swelling?

Had a Chin Implant & Neck Lipo 8 days ago. Never had any bruising & very little pain. With that, could there still be swelling? I ask b/c I feel like... READ MORE

Bruise after a chin implant? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 4 days ago and developed this giant bruise. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

Worried about new chin being dislocated. My doctor is on vacation need help plz. Did I dislocate my new chin? (photo)

Can a contusion after chin implant 5 weeks after augmentation can get dislocated after two slaps into the face (whether they are strong or not) and If... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Chin implant, got slap in the face. Any suggestions? (photos)

After being slapped twice in the face by little brother and being grabbed by force I've decided to use the same type of nose plasters that used after... READ MORE

Is increased bruising 1,5 week after chin implant surgery normal? (Photo)

Dear doctors! I had my chin done early last week. The area was protected and "compressed" until Tuesday this week(a week after surgery), so I didn't... READ MORE

Persistent bruised area after chin Implant? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I had a chin implant 17 days ago. Healing is going smooth except from a small bruised area, around 5mm, that hasn't changed in... READ MORE

About two weeks after sliding genioplasty I developed a burning pain in my neck and chest. What could cause this?

I had a sliding genioplasty six weeks ago. Two weeks after surgery I developed an intermittent pain/burning in my neck and chest. It is like the... READ MORE

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