Scarring + Chemical Peel

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Dead Skin Peeled After a Chemical Peel. What Can One Do Now?

Peeled the dead skin off after a chemical peel putting the skin at risk of scarring. Please advise what one can do to help at this point.  READ MORE

Lactic Acid 50% Did Not Do Much for Discoloration Around Mouth. Could TCA 12% Do the Trick? How About IPL?

I have discoloration/scarring around my mouth. I used to have Angular Chelitis and I would lick the areas around my mouth, causing discoloration. I... READ MORE

Chemical peel for electrolysis scarring (red marks/pebbly skin/mild wrinkling-type look/tiny holes and pores? (photo)

My chin area bothers me so much! It's so uneven looking from the rest of my skin.  It's darkened a bit, has scarring, and looks wrinkly really up... READ MORE

I picked my chemical peel. What do I do? (Photo)

I peeled my chemical peel off and now my skin is extremely red and tight. Does this mean that my skin is going to peel again, or is this scarring? READ MORE

Dermaplanning Combined with Lactic Acid Peel Resulted in Hyperpigmenation and Scarring?

About three weeks ago, I had a actic asid peel which was suppesed to be very light, I also told that I ahve very sensitive skin, and I am Asian and... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Safe During Winter?

I have some scars and acne and the last time i did a chemical peel was 3 months ago. i live in canada and the winter just started so im wondering is... READ MORE

Chemical burn from Retin A and Lactic Acid use? (Photo)

A week ago I started using Retin A 1% at night in my smile line area. Before this regimen, I was doing a lactic acid/50 gel peel every 1 or 2 weeks.... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best to treat my hyper pigmentation and scarring? (photos)

I have a medium skin tone and most of my scaring and discoloration is around my mouth upper lip and nose area READ MORE

I'm 46 and my Skin is Damaged from the Sun and Has Some Wrinkles/lines with some Scarring. Which Peel Would Work Best? (photo)

I have included pics and hope to receive some answers. I feel the botox makes me look abnormal, so I haven't gone back. I've read that the Obagi peel... READ MORE

URGENT Superficial Chemical Burn from "Fire and Ice Facial" at Medical Spa. Please help!

On Friday, I had a Fire & Ice Facial from a Medi-Spa in my area. I made sure to ask if Retinol use was ok. (I had stopped use of my Retinol 0.5% 2... READ MORE

Should I start with glycolic acid peel or salicylic acid peel for acne?

My skin is sensitive, so I want to work my way up with chemical peels, build a tolerance to them. I have slight acne scarring and uneven skin texture,... READ MORE

What peel do you recommend for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and thick, really dark scars?

I tried using a peel called Maxipeel #3. It was my first peel solution ever & I think it was too much because I had a SEVERE reaction to it. I was... READ MORE

Chemical peel or laser treatments? Need both upper/lower eyelid work. (Photo)

I am a soon to be 57 year old woman with scarring on my face I also have vertical lines around my mouth, sun damage on neck. I wish to minimize the... READ MORE

I'm 16 years old. Am I too young for a lactic acid peel?

I have completely cleared my acne, however I've been left with a bit of scarring alongside some discoloration. Also, my skin isn't as "baby soft" as... READ MORE

I applied olive oil for a week. I got a chemical acid peeling at my legs and butt, A skin layer got peeled off then dark scar?

I applied olive oil for a week then, I followed another doctor's prescription and applied: 1- "Bio-Taches Emulsion" twice a day for a month 2-... READ MORE

I have wounds all over my body after using Yellow Peeling Oil. Is there a treatment available?

I just recently used the PSC formula Yellow Peeling Oil and the result at first was very impressive as my skin really did peel. But unfortunately I... READ MORE

Scars After Chemical Peeling is Normal?

I had gone to the dermat for pigmebtation treatmemt n he did chemical peelin on my skin by burning those areas.. n nw its been mre than 20 days..... READ MORE

Accident with Chemical Peel Left Scars What Can I Do to Help Repair Skin to More Normal State? (photo)

I did a deep chemical peel about 6yrs ago, skin culture usa 4000, after not peeling on day 5 my dad convinced me to try n get it off my face through... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to even skin tone and get rid of dark pigment spots caused by lactic acid peel? (photos)

I recently used a lactic acid chemical peel of 85% and it burned my skin. Now I have dark spots everywhere and I am having to cover it up with liquid... READ MORE

Six years after a chemical peel that ruined my skin, skin still looks weird and orange peel texture, what can I do? (photos)

In 2010 I went to a spa and did a vitalize peel, well they didn't know what they was doing or I don't really know what happen, my skin looks horrible,... READ MORE

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