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My Face is Red, Scabby and Swollen After a Chemical Peel. Is This Normal or Should I Put Something on It

My Face is Red, Scabby and Swollen After a Chemical Peel. Is This Normal or Should I Put Something on It READ MORE

I had a 30% glycolic acid peel after dermaplaning. Skin looks awful, lots of scabbing. Should I exfoliate or wait? (photo)

My skin looks awful (this is day three) with lots of brown scabbing. The esthetician said to exfoliate but that seems counterintuitive. I am also... READ MORE

I have a scab from chemical peel. Is this over exfoliation, or a burn?

I had a scab on my eyebrow from a home chemical peel. Is this over exfoliation or a burn or are they the same thing please. Home chemical peels are... READ MORE

Why is my new skin scaly, wrinkly and scabby after Vitalize Peel?

Problem with Vitalize Peel. So had the Skinmedica Vitalize peel done on Tuesday and up until Saturday most skin is peeled off. However the new skin... READ MORE

My First Chemical Peel - Does this look right ? (photos)

I had a chemical peel two days ago on Wednesday the 13th. After my procedure the nurse didn't give me any instructions other than to wash few times a... READ MORE

I recently got a chemical peel and afterwards my skin started scabbing. Will the scars go away?

I panic and started picking the scabs which then turned into scars i called my doctor and she stated it was normal but i now have scars oon my right... READ MORE

I got a facial and enzyme peel. Is this an allergic reaction or did the enzyme peel burn my skin? (photos)

I got a facial on Saturday with a pumpkin enzyme peel by Lucrece. Later the same day, I noticed dark spots on my face and looks like it's scabbing.... READ MORE

Scar being treated by chemical peel scabbed up, fell off making scar looking worse than before and now has crater mark (Photo)

I've been seeing a dermatologist regulary for 7 mths. I've been treated with a mild chemical peel monthly each month increasing percentage. I... READ MORE

I have done a 15 AHA home peel and I have scabs on my face, can I do diamond peel? (photos)

I just did a neostrata home peel, but I have no reaction towards to home peel. However I am going to do diamond peeling (with pricking) the day after... READ MORE

How do I heal the scabs made by orange peel? (Photo)

The acidity from the orange peelings caused indentions and scabs after I feel asleep with my face on them and plz what do I do and use to heal the... READ MORE

Will getting a chemical peel reduce the redness?

3 months ago I got a scab from rubbing the area between my eyebrows with a towel a little to roughly. Unfortunately, I peeled the scab because I was... READ MORE

Red bumps & reddish brown scabby spots during acne/scars treatment using DCL Multi-Action penta peel. Is it normal? (photo)

I was given DCL Labs' Multi Action Penta Peel, a cleanser, a day cream and an antibacterial night cream when I went to a skin center. The prescription... READ MORE

Can scabs and dark spots (side effects) of chemical peels damage hair follicles?

I did home chemical peel for scar on eyebrow using 5% salicylic acid and 15% fruit acid. I developed a dark spot and a scab on the outside of my... READ MORE

I had an acid peel on 30th Nov. After the scab fell off the area turned red. Will it go back to normal? (Photo)

Had an acid peel on 30th nov at dr office to remove pigmentation. after the scab fell off the area turned red . I have been applying moisturiser and... READ MORE

Does the scarring and redness from this peel look permanent? (photos)

I recently unwillingly got a chemical peel. I've seen an aesthetician for 3 years and usually we do extractions and NO peel. She put what I thought... READ MORE

Is this a chemical burn and if so how should I treat it? (photos)

Yesterday I used a 50% lactic acid peel on my face for 8 minutes, this isn't my first time using it and I usually handle it pretty well. This time... READ MORE

How to prevent scarring after a chemical peeling procedure that was not done correctly.

After a week of my facial peeling I went to recheck because my chin had some hyperpigmentation. The aesthetician applied a second peeling in that area... READ MORE

Perfect Derma Chemical Peel; I have concerns about the new skin under the treated skin?

After washing on 3rd day as directed by my aesthetician with an organic gentle soap she provided, some skin did come off and was at first very tight... READ MORE

My face burnt after a fruit acid peel, will it heal without scarring? (Photos)

Usually I have 30% with 50% on some places.To treat acne scarring therapist used 90% on certain areas (she has done this before).I think due to... READ MORE

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