PIH + Chemical Peel

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Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I had a chemical peel (lactic acid) a month ago. My skin was inflammed but thexresults were satisfying after a week. I was ask to come for a second... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Will Help Remove Dark Spots Left Behind from Acne?

I recently had an awful breakout from a birth control my body didn't agree with.. Left behind lots of darks spots on my cheeks and chin area. I... READ MORE

Is Chemical Peels My Best Option?

I'm 26 Asian male. I always got red/brown marks as a result of acne. I use glycolic acid cleanser and cream and it doesn't work as well as before. Is... READ MORE

Facial Burn with HQ+ Peel?

I recently had a HQ+ peel at home. I used a pore cleaner before applying the HQ+ peel. Left it on 4 mins. After washing, I saw severe burns in my... READ MORE

Okay to get another chemical peel with slight breakout?

I got a chemical peel (light) 3 weeks ago. I'm scheduled to get another one in 3 days. Is it okay to get this peel if I have a slight breakout on my... READ MORE

I Have Dark Spots on my Cheeks and Would Like to Know is a Chemical Appropriate to Remove Them? (photo)

The darks spot come from me popping pimples in my face when I was a teen. I know that was a horrible thing to do but I did it anyway PLEASE HELP! READ MORE

Darker Pigmentation After Chemical Peel Treatment? (photo)

I am a 25yr old African American woman who has suffered with hyperpigmentation on my arms since i was a child, I recently did a 35 TCA Peel on just... READ MORE

Will hyperpigmentation from glycolic acid peel go away? (photo)

Before I tried chemical peels I had PIH from acne. It was pretty moderate. I decided to try a glycolic peel. The first peel went ok but frosted a bit... READ MORE

What treatment would best remove this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Hi, I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from past acne. I wanted to know what treatment would be best for this? Would cream or a chemical peel... READ MORE

Can Low Fluence 1640 Nm Q-switched Nd Yag Treat Pih Caused by Chemical Peel?

I am 49-yr old Asian woman with type III-IV skin. I have been using 4%HQ+0.05%RA and monthly microderm to treat brown spots on my face without... READ MORE

How to treat PIH after 30 percent chemical peel?

I went to a dermatologist, a little over a year ago to have a chemical peel on my chest and arms. I was under the impression that she was going to... READ MORE

My skin type is 3 and I have pih from a bad breakout that I had 2 months before and also I have scars on my face. What can I do?

I went to my dermatologist and I've already had 7 salycilic acid peels but they didn't help me with pih.I have red marks on my cheeks,scars also but... READ MORE

Would you recommend Body peeling or IPL? (photos)

I was wondering if there was a safe, yet effective PO for the body? I have Sun damage on my legs, with large pores and some PIH on my arms. I'm not... READ MORE

Asian hyperpigmentation from acne?

I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation spots from a bad bout of cystic acne I got in July. I've had these spots for 3 months now. Acne is minor now,... READ MORE

Back Acne PIH. Glycolic or TCA Peel? (photos)

Hi, I struggled with acne since I was 13 and now I'm 20. I believe I have Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation from the old acne and I'm ready to get... READ MORE

Chemical peel makes skin appear worse. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have received two chemical peels on my back for a span of 2 months and it appears the spots on my back got darker. Also I have this circular patch... READ MORE

How to get rid of pimples spot?

From the last 2 years I have problem of acne in summer ...in summer suddenly acne comes out and after summer its dark spots remains there i tried a... READ MORE

Can Hydroquinone or Chemical Peel worsen Hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

After my Biopsy I was diagnosed with PIH. I started a 6 weeks treatment with HQ 4% twice a day, Retin-A once a day, a light AHA twice a day + 50 SPF... READ MORE

What in-office peel can I do for PIH under the eyes?

Hi, i got a laser burn under my eyes a few months ago. i have pih. did medlite and genesis and thousands later the results are very very slow and i... READ MORE

Post inflammation hyperpigmentation patches from eczema, on dark skin treatment?

Hello, I am a dark skin black women with eczema. Over the years I have managed to control my break outs of eczema. However I still for a fews years... READ MORE

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