Bumps + Chemical Peel

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How do I get rid of tiny bumps after chemical peel? (Photo)

I believe my recent chemical peel wasn't applied correctly. I had one other peel before this one with much better results. All was ok until about 2... READ MORE

Facial Chemical Peeling: Should I Worry About Bumps?

I just did a facial peel. It's been about 24 hours and my skin has definitely gotten red. After showering, I noticed a couple red bumps that were... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Whiteheads and Bumps?

Will a chemical peel clean out whiteheads and bumps under the skin?   READ MORE

Skin Peel on Legs for Bumps, Uneven Skin Tone (African American)

I have dark skin and have issues with uneven skin tone and a small section of hair bumps around my inner thigh, by my knee. I am wonderwing if a skin... READ MORE

1 day post op of Chemical Peel, my facial skin is inflamed, red bumps, swollen, and painful. Is this normal? (photos)

Yesterday I tried a facial peel off mask, and now my face is inflamed, red sores like bumps, right eye is swollen shut and it hurts extremely bad... READ MORE

Post Chemical Peel Problems. What Should I Do?

I had my first chemical peel 9 days ago at a dr's office. I experienced painful burning during the procedure but was told this was normal. Several... READ MORE

What to Expect from AHA Chemical Peel?

I have used a very thick creme over the winter and it created bumps under my skin. Not acne or blackheads, it is much deeper under the skin. Will the... READ MORE

Best peel for keratosis pilaris?

I have KP on my face, the area from my cheeks to my neck is covered in the bumps and redness. I also have fine lines and freckles. Is there a chemical... READ MORE

I seem to have developed these clear bumps on my face and I am not sure what they are? (photo)

Some bumps are red andhave noticed seem to get worse with hot temperatures and after doing exercise. Also salcylic acid face wash makes it worse too.... READ MORE

Slightly elevated bumps on area where chemical peel was done. I'm using cerave wash. Should I be putting something else on?

Okay. Received a light chemical peel. So these "bumps" I am referring to do not hurt at all. They are skin color and slightly elevated so i don't even... READ MORE

Raised bumps that sometimes itch. What can I do to make them go away? (Photo)

I ordered on Amazon Retin Glow 50% Latic Acid peel with the after- peel neutralizer. On the 3 day I started getting raised itchy bumps. How can I get... READ MORE

Normal to have bumps afer chemical peel?

I have some under the skin like bumps in the area of where my chemical peel was done. It was a light peel . The bumps do not hurt whatsoever and they... READ MORE

Darker area around chin after chemical peel. Hyperpigmentation? Or will it peel? (photos)

I had a PCA Sensi peel done on Friday. My skin has been peeling quiet a bit on day 3 and 4 (today). I noticed a darker area around my chin and side of... READ MORE

Clearing tiny under the skin bumps as well as black and whiteheads. Suggestions on peels/topical or oral treatments?

I've always had perfect skin with my old dermatologist he had me on duac and differin but I had moved and can't go see him. When I moved I noticed I... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel get rid of this? (Photo)

I have little white bumps all over my nose, on the sides mostly, I put a picture from google that looks a little bit like what I have. I would like to... READ MORE

Solution? Chemical peel? Bumps, scarring, deep pores, hairs all over penis - not attractive. (Photo)

I have deep pores at the back of my penis (less deep all over), they fill up and are like black & white heads. They're deep and have a sagging... READ MORE

How should I get rid of these red bumps in bikini area? Can laser or peeling help to reduce redness?

I've been using some cream to reduce bumps but it hasn't helped at all. The aspect of my skin is horrible. Can some treatment help me to reduce the... READ MORE

What's a good chemical peel that helps with dark marks on the vaginal area. No laser advice tried it didn't work! (1yr)

I have always had a problem with shave bumps (really bad puss filled one) that leaves black marks I started shaving less often maybe once every two... READ MORE

Red bumps & reddish brown scabby spots during acne/scars treatment using DCL Multi-Action penta peel. Is it normal? (photo)

I was given DCL Labs' Multi Action Penta Peel, a cleanser, a day cream and an antibacterial night cream when I went to a skin center. The prescription... READ MORE

I had a mini melanage peel 10 days ago. Is it common to peel a lot on some nights and not at all on others?

- Some nights I don't peel at all and other nights I peel a lot. Is that common? - Some areas of my neck look like I have a chemical burn. I use the... READ MORE

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