Breakout + Chemical Peel

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I Recently Had a Med Chemical Peel. My Skin Hasn't Recovered and I'm Noticing Breakouts. Before This, I Never Broke out ): Help?

My doc suggested a medium chemical peel for my scars that my pimples left behind. I've never had acne. After getting the peel, I am in the recovery... READ MORE

Break out After Chemcal Peel?

I have bad acne break out after chemical peel, i had 3 treatments 70% over three weeks and have used products (jan marini) two weeks before the peel... READ MORE

Is it normal to breakout for a couple of weeks after a light chemical peel?

I had a peel done on the 10th. My face started breaking out some that following weekend and now it still continues to breakout while other areas are... READ MORE

Okay to get another chemical peel with slight breakout?

I got a chemical peel (light) 3 weeks ago. I'm scheduled to get another one in 3 days. Is it okay to get this peel if I have a slight breakout on my... READ MORE

Will chemical peel prevent future breakouts?

My dermatologist has suggested chemical peeling to get rid of acne scars. I have oily skin. Brown skin tone. I have been using Sebonac gel with... READ MORE

Getting light peel tonight. I have a couple healing breakouts and had been using aczone on them at. Ok to get peel still?

For the past week I have been using aczone on an area where I had active breakouts and now they are in the healing process. Is it okay to get the peel... READ MORE

Can one be allergic to chemical peels and retinol?

5 months ago I had mild breakouts , dermatologist suggested chemical peel. THE BREAKOUTS INCREASED after peel. Now after 4 months I have several dark... READ MORE

Does dermabrasion or chemical peels cause permanent hypo/hyper pigmentation on skin Fitzpatrick 4 or 5?

I have some scars from breakout..they are not very deep but indented(shallow) and are dynamic on stretching the skin. I am planning to go for... READ MORE

What peel do you recommend?

I would like a peel that causes the skin to peel off. Tried skinmedica peel 2 years ago and the skin was glowing and smooth after i peeled, but then i... READ MORE

Which chemical peel would work best for my severe hyperpigmenation? (photos)

I have severe hyperpigmenation on my face. These are a result of breakouts (acne scarring). My breakouts are less frequent now. I am researching peels... READ MORE

My skin type is 3 and I have pih from a bad breakout that I had 2 months before and also I have scars on my face. What can I do?

I went to my dermatologist and I've already had 7 salycilic acid peels but they didn't help me with pih.I have red marks on my cheeks,scars also but... READ MORE

Are Pimple Like Bumps a Side Effect of Having a Melanage Mini Peel?

I had a Melanage mini-peel on Thursday afternoon. Normal redness and burning/stinging,etc. Started some light peeling Friday evening.When I washed my... READ MORE

Had an Aladdin Peel Last October, Broke Out in Pustules After? (photo)

I got Aladdin peeling last october. And after wks, some small pustules up on my side chin. So I went to GP and she gave me antibiotics for 2wks and I... READ MORE

Breakout acne, cyst, & cuts after Chemical Peel. Clear prior except for 4 dark spots. How do I stop this? (photo)

Why am I getting cyst after my peel & how do I stop them? Did I destroy my skin? I don't want another peel as this one caused cuts in my skin. Will I... READ MORE

Still Breaking out 3 Weeks After 1st Peel, is this Normal? (photo)

I had my very 1st peel done by an esthetician about 3 weeks ago and now my skin is Still breaking out/scarring... Is this going to be permanent? I... READ MORE

I have patchy skin after chemical peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello! I'm 21, indian. Before my second TCA glycolic peel I started breaking out. Three days after the peel started I applied epiduo on the acne as... READ MORE

When I got Rejuvenize peel and tazorac 0.05 gel, my skin broke out. Is it because of the peel?

When I got rejuvenize peel . My skin broke out looked rough and raw. 3 weeks after pores look smaller? Is that because of peel ? For a week I've used... READ MORE

Why can't I change facewash or use facial products even after 5 months post chemical peels?

I have got 4 chemical peels done. Glycolic was once of them. Cant remember names of others. Ever since ive got chemical peels done i have noticed that... READ MORE

Using Burt's Bee After my Chemical Peel?

I did a chemical peel at the end of December (2012) I broke out Bad! I was given Skin Medica Purifying Foaming Wash along with the toner and used just... READ MORE

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