3 Weeks Post-op + Chemical Peel

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I Had a Chemical Peel On My Legs and Now Have Hyperpigmentation. What Can I Do?

I had my legs chemically peeled first week of august and they applied 2 coats of the solution. the following day i came back and there were dark areas... READ MORE

Skin Damaged from Chemical Peel?

I had a Perfect Peel done 3 weeks ago. The skin peeled off completely by the 3rd day, which was too early, and left my entire face burned and raw for... READ MORE

Brownish Burn marks after skin peel. The marks don't peel off. It has been 3 weeks. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a skin peel 3 weeks back. It was my second peel. The feist was a deep peel which left burnt marks which peeled out in 2 weeks. But after the... READ MORE

Okay to get another chemical peel with slight breakout?

I got a chemical peel (light) 3 weeks ago. I'm scheduled to get another one in 3 days. Is it okay to get this peel if I have a slight breakout on my... READ MORE

I Had a Freind Give Me a 20% Peel About Three Weeks Ago and I Still See Areas That Are Blotchy. Normal?

I had a freind give me a 20% peal about three weeks ago I still see areas that are blochy I hope the blochyness is not perminant Iam a meduim brown... READ MORE

Skin Still Red 3 Weeks After 30% Double Layer Peel, Is this Permanent? (photo)

I did a double layer 30% peel inbetween my eye brows. I have done single & double layer peels at lower levels before without any problems and... READ MORE

Perfect Peel - 3 weeks later noticing pigmentation areas (Photo)

But i go abroad in august she said shel do it when I get back do I really need to take such drastic action on my skin isn't there anything I can buy... READ MORE

Breakout after a chemical peel? (photo)

Hi i'm an african but fair in complexion.i had a chemical peel like almost 3weeks now and i'm having breakout on both chicks and my forehead,so i want... READ MORE

Are bumpy, rough patches around eyes normal after Hetter Peel?

Hello, I had a Hetter peel done around my eyes almost 3.5 weeks ago and I am experiencing extremely rough, bumpy, dry skin. The derm keeps telling me... READ MORE

So I went to a dermatologist for the post op- peel I had done three weeks ago as I was told by your staff

Initially I was going for inflammation after the peel but inflammation has cleared up and went for discoloration and acne. I was told to use a... READ MORE

How long to wait after a Phenol Peel to get Juverderm?

I would like to get Juverderm again, but had a Phenol Peel approximately 3.5 weeks ago. It seemed that a couple areas where I had Juverderm done... READ MORE

Treatment for dark spots after IPL? My original doctor who performed IPL recommended chemical peel. Would you agree? (Photos)

Hello! What type of treatment is helpful on these dark spots? I always have/had pimples around this area and when I received IPL about three weeks... READ MORE

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch on my forehead. (Photos)

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. My skin was still peeling a little but not my forehead. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch... READ MORE

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