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I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

My implants were placed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The drains were removed about 4 days ago, and since, I have a lot more pain on my left side. The lower... READ MORE

I had butt implants and they are now infected. What to do?

Had the butt implants put in 2weeks ago weds. Drain was only in for 48hrs. 2weeks post this weds. Woke up in blood. Went to.doctors now he wants to... READ MORE

Why isn't my incision closing after I had butt implants? (Photo)

It has been almost two months since I had butt implants. I had 375 ccs of cohesive silicone implants placed intramuscularly. I had my drains in for 4... READ MORE

After Butt Implants, how should I travel home from the hospital? Can I sit down? How long until the drains are removed?

How do I travel home from hospital (in a cab) rite after butt implant surgery as I am not supposed to sit ? and how long after surgery do drains come... READ MORE

Hi Doctors? Is this incision infected? (photos)

I had butt implants 01/18. I'm 15 days post op and my incision opened yesterday. I still have the drains on and I havent sit down. Do I need more... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of silicone butt implants, my drain is still draining 7cc per hr. Is this normal?

My drain is still draining 7cc per hr. im on antibiotics and my white blood cell count is normal. my dr. said I had a small infection, but im leaving... READ MORE

I had butt implants 6 wks ago. I am having draining and a triangular shape in my left butt cheek when I bend down, why? (photo)

My draiNing tube is out but some of my stiches opened up and i have clear drainage coming out from there. On my left butt cheek I have a soft lump on... READ MORE

I just had butt implants intramuscularly and i am having some wound dehiscence. is there anything i can do?

I am 130 lbs, my doctor told me that my butt would be able to hold 375 ccs. he placed them intramuscularly with one incision using round cohesive... READ MORE

Is there specific Butt Implants for projection? (photos)

Hello, Is there specific implants for projection?? is this just a specific shape?? And does this shape have a name? I would also like to know what the... READ MORE

What's going on? Got butt implants on 09/26. (photo)

The 1st week I didn't take care of the incision during the first week because I thought it had to be uncovered went in for a follow up and they told... READ MORE

Can remove drains too soon cause me problems after getting implant in my buttock?

Got butt implant put in the muscle with a drain for 10 days. 2 weeks after when i got back home in canada the insicion opened because i had liquid... READ MORE

Is having a drain necessary after butt augmentation with implants?

I went to a dr consult and he said I don't need a drain for butt implants. Is that true? READ MORE

Should I be issued a refund for my butt implants surgery? My surgeon said he advised about potential risks.

I had butt implants placed in mexico. I had drains placed and I was draining blood for a month in mexico. The surgeon took the drains out and advised... READ MORE

Drains vs no drains?

After a buttock implant procedure i've noticed some doctors uses drains and some dont.... Whats the difference.... And are the drains mandatory after... READ MORE

Butt implants removal? (Photos)

Hi doctors i had my butt implants removed yesterday and wanted to know if drains recovery are necessary? cause my doctor did not put drains on me and... READ MORE

Why is my drain leaking heavily 3 weeks post buttock implants? (Photo)

3w post op butt implants.Left drain leaking bad 40-45 ml of Clear yellowish substance with dark red clots. Nurse said if hole will be closed all... READ MORE

Drains OR No Drains?

Had butt implant surgery n the past (4yrs ago) and had drains....implants removed within 3wks icision came open and exposed scheduled 4... READ MORE

I had seroma after Butt Implant. Is it common to open the incision to drain a seroma? (photos)

I had seroma after butt implants and Ik is was a risk. But Is it common to open the incision to drain a seroma? Even if under the muscle and not found... READ MORE

Drain stitched inside after surgery! Should I ask my surgeon to cover the expenses of emergency surgery?

I had buttucks implant surgery away from my city, I had drains and I supposed to remove them in my own for my PS advice. I went to my General doctor... READ MORE

Why am I having pain with drains? 5 months post op butt implant complications. Removal? Need new surgeon (Photo)

Read my previous questions to see the complications I've had with my implants. 10 days ago drain was put in my left implant. 75cc came out every 24hrs... READ MORE

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