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Droopy, Paralyzed Eyebrow?

I suffered nerve damage to the right side of my face after a car accident. This has caused my right eyebrow to be much lower than my left, and I'm... READ MORE

Numbness and Pulling After Brow Lift

Four years ago I had a coronal browlift. Since then I have experienced numbness and pulling sensations in the entire crown of my head behind the... READ MORE

One Eyebrow Still Paralyzed 9 Months After Coronal Brow Lift. Options?

One eyebrow is at least 1" inch lower than other now. Gives a "sinister" look.Botox on non-paralyzed side, but doesn't last. Slight... READ MORE

What can I do for the endless itching on my scalp and face from hairline brow lift severed nerves? 8 months out (Photo)

Dr. opened my forehead, did not do the lift. He told me he severed 2 nerves. It has now been 8 months, I have sores all over my scalp, had to shave my... READ MORE

Why is there an indentation between my eyes after endobrow lift? Will it go away? (Photo)

Had endobrow lift 3 weeks ago and there is an indentation above my left eyebrow slightly off center. Dr said this was due to cutting the nerves in... READ MORE

Nerve damage? I had an endoscopic brow lift and midline facelift and fat transfer to the chin two weeks ago. (photo)

I now have only one eyebrow that moves the left one is frozen and weakness to the top lip and side of the nose on the right side , realistically how... READ MORE

Does something look wrong with my eyebrows? (photos)

I feel like my right eye brow is always raised and It's difficult to lower it. I'm just wondering if I've damaged a muscle or am being paranoid and... READ MORE

I have painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows over 2 years after endoscopic brow lift. Involuntary spasms?

Hi I'm having the following symptoms 2 years after endo brow lift: -painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows that are pushing the... READ MORE

Have I sustained motor nerve injury? 2 years post-op endo brow lift.

Hi. 2 years after endo brow lift I am experiencing swollen muscles/nerves all around brow region resulting in a tight, painful feeling ( my brows look... READ MORE

4 years ago in brow lift with braided suture, frontalis nerve injured so that left eyebrow is 2" lower.

Gives horrid mean look. Tried quill suture. Failed. Suggested to take tissue from thigh muscle to hold up eyebrow & attach in hairline -only at major... READ MORE

Can you purposely cause nerve damage to one side of forehead to match other? (Photo)

Hello, I have nerve damage to the left side of my forehead from a brow lift performed about 6 years ago. This eyebtow was never really "lifted" and I... READ MORE

Lateral/temporal lift - are headaches a common side effect? (Photos)

I'm booked into have a lateral/temporal lift. Upon googling different types of lifts, I came across some horrible stories about ongoing bad headaches... READ MORE

My right eyebrow muscles droops, causing strain and headaches. Do I have muscle or nerve damage? (Photos)

My right eyebrow muscles droops, causing strain and headaches. I had an injury to the area many years ago (wooden baseball bat hit the eye area during... READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift - serious nerve damage? Severe inflammation and more.

I also have  painful migraines, greasy scalp and weird odor. I would like some advice on an endoscopic brow lift and removal of... READ MORE

Post an endotine device lift my right eye will not close or blink fully. Is this a sign of nerve or muscle damage? (photos)

I do have considerable swelling and bruising, and extra trauma on the right side (left side as one is looking at the picture) as one of the devices... READ MORE

Dr Sean Freeman did a brow lift left me with bald spots and hair won't grow above ears or top what do I do?

I only wanted my kid skin removed but he talked me into a brow lift at 44. My brows are lower than they were prior to surgery but what bothers me most... READ MORE

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