Hematoma endoscopic forehead lift numbness left side scalp.

My surgeon doesn't want to remove the hematoma. I'm afraid it will cause permanent nerve damage due to nerve compression/pressure. The operation has been done 1 month ago. The hematoma is the size of a sprout. Should i ask for a second opinion or am i worrying too much?

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Hematoma after endoscopic brow lift

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Hematoma after endoscopic brow lift is an uncommon complication.  After a few weeks, the blood clot becomes more liquid-like, and it is easily aspirated by placing a needle.  There is not much benefit to try to remove the hematoma at this point.  Nerve damage from the hematoma causing pressure to the nerve is a rare event, and even so, the numbness should subside in 2-3 weeks.  If persists, the nerve damage may not be from pressure of hematoma, but rather mechanical injury to the nerve.  Discuss these issues with your surgeon.
Best,Alex Kim, MD

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Hematoma after Brow Lift

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At one month post-op, I would anticipate you have had some improvement. There may not be much to do but wait at this stage. Without an exam, it is hard to tell you what is going on. Permanent nerve damage from this would be rare. I would discuss your concerns with your doctor and if things are getting better just be patient as most minor issues resolve on their own. 

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