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Smelly Yellow Discharge 4 Weeks Post-Breast Reduction

Hello Doctor says this is normal, just excess tissue leaving through the incision. He said the incision is called a deer claw incision and this is... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, Have Yellow Fluid Leaking From the Incision?

I have yellow fluid leaking from the incision and yellow thick like substance looks like it is coming out of the incision under the breast. Is this... READ MORE

Is yellow bloody discharge normal after breast reduction surgery 3 weeks out?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and yesterday I noticed some yellow discharge with a little brown in it as well from my right breast. Is that... READ MORE

Wound Separation a Little Ovber a Month Post BR? (photo)

I had a BBR on 6/18/12. I'm dealing with wound separations that 'seem' to be progressing positively.. though it's hard to tell and a lot like watching... READ MORE

I have a yellow scab over my open wound after breast reduction surgery. Is this something I should worry about?

I'm 6 weeks post op and have an open wound in my right breast vertical next to the aereola.. It now has a yellow crust over the wound. I try scrubbing... READ MORE

3 weeks post-breast reduction - noticed small hole at T junction with white/yellow discharge. Should I be concerned? (photo)

Since about 5 days ago when I take my sports bra off to shower, there is a bit of yellowish dried discharge where the bra sits under my right breast... READ MORE

What causes yellow-ing skin after breast reduction? (Photo)

I had BR on 4/21, w/ wound separation on my left breast about 2 weeks post op. Per my PS, I have been using the wet/dry method of treatment, and the... READ MORE

Lollipop breast reduction, day 10. Yellowish substance forming over an open area. Could it be infected? (photo)

I had a "lollipop" breast reduction 10 days ago and had some sutures removed 1 week post op. About 2 days ago I noticed the stitches under my right... READ MORE

I have yellow like skin underneath a scab from my breast reduction. Is it an infection? (Photo)

I had a scab that fell off and i looked at it and it looks yellow inside, i'm afraid that it's infected and don't know if i should go to my doctor READ MORE

What is Going on with my Breast? Is This Normal? (photo)

One day I was at work ( desk job) and I felt like my right breast felt really heavy. It started to have a mild pain. So I went to check my breast and... READ MORE

8 days post op Breast Reduction, I am still having leakage. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 8 days post op I notice my surgical tape is coming off and that I am still having leakage which is yellow. Is that normal? I have been wearing my... READ MORE

Had breast reduction 6/3/14. Glue came off one area to reveal loose skin and yellow discharge. Is this normal? (photos)

Had a flap of glue coming off on top of aerola. As it peeled down, it just sort of fell of on the area in the picture that has a yellow discharge. Now... READ MORE

5 months post Breast Reduction - Hole on incision line and is yellow in the middle. (photo)

I am not at the beginning of my 5th month post op of breast reduction surgery. I am pleased with the outcome and never had an infection. This morning... READ MORE

I have a yellow, smelly discharge 2 weeks after Breast Reduction surgery. Is this normal?

I have recently discovered some smelly yellow discharge on the steri drips that have fallen off the incisions, 2 weeks afterbreast reduction surgery.... READ MORE

Is the black scab with yellowing around the edges nipple necrosis? (Photo)

My PS did not say it was dying but has me using Silverdine twice a day. More of the scab has come off since this picture was taken 2 days ago and... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, Incisions Are Healing Fine but 2/3 Mm Below my Nipple Has Not Cleared Up? (photo)

After breast reduction, my incisions are healing fine but this 2/3 mm below my nipple where the incisions meet has not cleared up. It's still yellow.... READ MORE

Is yellowish/greenish discharge on some parts of my areola and bottom of the breast incisions normal?

I am getting some greenish/yellowish discharge on my left areola,my surgery was a week ago,after surgery it looked a little sunked in now it looks... READ MORE

Yellow discharge - I notice under my boob that there is yellow discharge and to me it look like it rip. Please help me. (photo)

I notice under my boob that there is yellow discharge and to me it look like it rip. Please help me READ MORE

I had breast reduction surgery 9 wks ago & my right breast is still discharging from a tiny hole at the bottom. Any suggestion?

Scar a yellowish-clear liquid.There is no pus,pain or fever,is that ok ?? or should I be worried ??,please advise,tks a lot, READ MORE

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