Too Small + Breast Reduction

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Is This Normal After Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hello, I wanted to ask about breast reduction results. I am 1 year post op. My breasts came out too small but my PS says i will get used to them. I... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation After Reduction Common?

I had a breast reduction surgery 2 weeks ago and my breasts look really small from the front. I didnt want to go too small but im afraid i already did... READ MORE

I Am One Week Post Op for Breast Reduction and Upset That Too Much Was Removed?

I was wearing a 36N. After talking to the doctor the morning of surgery I agreed to 700 grams (what insurance required) because I was terrified of... READ MORE

Recent reduction from 34DD/DDD to 34B, was this too small?

Did I go too small, I was a 34DD/DDD to a 34B, I am 5'7 1/2' and weight 143. I've been seeing community photos and wondered if I've gone too small.... READ MORE

2 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction, Desired K Cup - C Cup, Ended with an A Cup, How Can this be Fixed?

I had a reduction 7 weeks ago and am unhappy with results I requested a C cup reduction as I was a K cup, results are a A cup with square breasts and... READ MORE

2-26-13 I Had a Reduction from a DD to a B, They Removed 480 Grams from Each Side? (photo)

I have lost 100lbs in the past year and my breast were very thin and saggy, after my reduction they ended up very flat and pancake like, my doctor... READ MORE

If I Am Unhappy with my Breast Reduction Results Because I Feel I Am Too Small What Are my Options?

If I Am Unhappy with my Breast Reduction Results Because I Feel I Am Too Small What Are my Options? READ MORE

Compression Garment Flattened/indented Part of my Breast, Will the Tissue Go Back into Place?

I had a breast reduction one week ago. After four days of unknowingly wearing a compression bra that was too small (It was fitted for me by a... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Failed Breast Reduction?

Had breast reduction in September. Complications, was told "fat necrosis", wound split top to bottom and has healed that way. Looks badly scarred,... READ MORE

Is 520 grams removed from each breast going to leave me too small? (Photo)

I'm scheduled for an upcoming breast reduction. I'm 5'7", 175, and have an hourglass figure. I currently wear a 32GG bra. Insurance is covering my... READ MORE

After a breast reduction, how long will it take for my breasts to drop and not be so perky? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction from an F to a C three days ago. I am left feeling like my breasts are too small now, but I think that will change once they... READ MORE

Breast are REALLY small after reduction surgery

I had breast reduction surgery on June 16 2013 I was a 42 ddd after surgery I am now unable to still purchase a bra because the doctor took so much of... READ MORE

Having Regrets After BR. Looks Very Small and Square Shaped at 2 Weeks PO? (photo)

My doctor and I discussed around a large C small D cup prior to my surgery. For insurance to approve it they required 950 grams per side be removed.... READ MORE

Hi, im undecided about a breast reduction. I'm 42DDD and trying to get my insurance to pay for surgery. Will I end up too small?

I had my consultation and seen the doctor's photo's but I don't really like them. My concern is that he will take out too much and my boobs will be... READ MORE

My breasts are too small after my Breast Reduction 3 months ago? Is it possible to get Breast Implants after a reduction?

I had a breast reduction just over three months ago and I went from a HH to a C. I asked the surgeon to keep me no smaller than a DD and I'm... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post op, and my goal size was DD. Am I too small? Am I healing ok? (Photo)

Ok so I am kind of freaking out. I talked with my prior to surgery and was clear my end goal size I wanted to me was a firm perky DD. I started prior... READ MORE

My Breast Reduction Made Me Too Small, Hematoma Split Breast Open and It Healed Cleft and Ugly Scars?

Had reduction to match reconstructed breast. Hematoma split breast wide open and it has healed poorly, leaving me with a "cleft" breast, bad scarring... READ MORE

Breast Reduction of 50grams Make a Difference in a D Cup?

I just had my breast reduction last week and the PS said he removed 50grams from one breast and 100grams from the other. I am about 113lbs and was... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel that my breasts are too small after a breast reduction? (Photos)

I am 1 day post breast reduction surgery and can't help feeling that they are too small. Most people report that due to swelling their breasts are... READ MORE

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