Tingling + Breast Reduction

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Is it common to have numbness or tingling feeling in right hand after Breast reduction?

My right has been numb and tingling since I woke up from Breast reduction surgery. I had my breast reduction 6/1/15. 2 of my fingers n my thumb is... READ MORE

Swelling and Tingling After Breast Reduction

I am 4 days post op breast reduction and have noticed increased swelling in my breasts. My breasts are tight, high, & very tingly. Its... READ MORE

6 Weeks post Breast Reduction. Still have pulling, tingling & numbness. Is it possible to have a revision prior to 6 months?

I had a breast reduction six weeks ago but I'm still really large. The weight is pulling on my shoulders and neck and now I'm feeling tingling/... READ MORE

Do you think a Breast Reduction would help me, or are they the cause of my problems? (photos)

I have migraines, tingling in arms, bra dents under my breast and on shoulders. Also, I have an extremely hard time breathing - particularly when I... READ MORE

Would I be a breast reduction candidate? (Photo)

I am 24 years old, 5'5", 145 lbs, and have size 34 h breasts. I have been going to physical therapy for hand weakness and numbness/tingling in my... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover my Breast Reduction, Will They Sag Again After Weight Lost?

I am 260, 5'4 size 42G breast. I have degenerative arthrits in my that cause severe pain, along with numbness and tinglining in my arm and hand. I am... READ MORE

Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery? 5'8 and 155 lbs. 32H and sometimes 34I bra. (photos)

I am in physical therapy 2x weekly for constant neck/shoulder pain. I have numbness and tingling in my fingers. I was approved for BR surgery in... READ MORE

Breast reduction; Any cause for concern or just ride it out?

I had a breast reduction about a week and a half ago. I had drains in for 5 days, and after they were taken out my sides have been very swollen and... READ MORE

Breast reduction covered by Aetna possible? Does Ideal weight matter a lot? (photo)

I'm a 34 J. I have been seeing a physical therapist for 2 mths. for low back pain, neck pain, serious tingling /nerve entrapment in neck and arms. I... READ MORE

Can a 6 year old breast reduction cause a breast infection? (Photo)

I have had swollen lymph nodes in my armpits for 3 months, painful with tingling and numbness down my arm. Then two months ago, I had two spots, one... READ MORE

I had breast reduction with anchor scar procedure done in 1995; am I a good candidate for another breast reduction procedure?

I had breast reduction with anchor scar procedure done in 1995; however, it seems my breasts have grown back with a vengeance! I have hand and arm... READ MORE

Can I get a breast reduction while I'm still lactating?

I had muy child 3 years ago and never breastfed her. But I'm still lactating! I heard about breast reduction surgerys and i really want to get one.... READ MORE

Numbness and tingling that comes and goes sides and armpit Breast area. (photo)

Anyone else or when does this off and on numbness go away! Some days it's pretty painful and hard to even wash my armpits .... & my incisions kill... READ MORE

I am 49 years old, good health, post menopausal, run/walk 30 to 40 miles a week. I want a breast reduction/removal.

Breasts are DD. They are pendulous. I have pain in my back, nerve tinglings in my back, arms, and hands. It is difficult to maintain posture from the... READ MORE

Is it normal for the breasts to be tight and tingly after surgery? Especially in the nipple area. I'm 6 days post.

I'm about 6 days post op of my breast reduction and am just wondering, there is no pain associated with this, just the normal tenderness and slight... READ MORE

Can pain and weird feelings like tingling and falling asleep in arms and upper back be caused by large breast?

Can large breasts cause pains in my arm, hands, breasts and upper back. I have seen a couple doctors, had a neck MRI which was clear. I have a 38H... READ MORE

What could be causing my back pain and the numbness/tingling in my arms and legs to worsen after a breast reduction?

Im a 27 year old woman and I just recently had breast reduction surgery on April 14th to help/decrease my back pain and numb arms and feet. I went... READ MORE

What would be causing tingling and sensitive nerves in breast two years after reduction?

2 years ago I had a reduction. I ended up developing a hematoma 2 days post op and had to go in for an emergency surgery. There is more scaring on... READ MORE

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