Tightness + Breast Reduction

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Stitches Too Tight After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and one of my breasts looks like it has 2 halves. The stitches from the nipple down look too tight and causes a crease in my... READ MORE

Chest Tightness and Pain 2 Weeks Post-op

Even wearing a top makes my skin feel uncomfortable. I also have shooting pin like pains at times and my breasts are still very swollen. I have been... READ MORE

Normal to Have Excessive Tightness of Breast After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 5 days ago. I went from a DD to a small c. I know I have some swelling but I am a little concerned. From the nipple to under... READ MORE

6mos Post and Very Uncomfortable and Unhappy? (photo)

6 mos postop (Surgery was Sep 13, 2012) & as you can see I am extremely unhappy with the results. Should my surgeon have done lipo on my underarm... READ MORE

What to Do About Unhappy Results From Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am 36 years old and am 5 months post op from a breast reduction (195gm removed from left, 295 removed from right), full anchor lift and implants. My... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Like Someone is Squeezing the Crap out of Me? (photo)

I finally did it Feb 1, 2012 @ the age of 49. problem is not on the outside, but what is going on inside. I feel like someone is squeezing the crap... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Reduction and Lift I Am Very Sore and Tight?

My breast tissue seems too tight especially in my cleavage area. Is this unusual and if so what complications should I look for? READ MORE

I Have Breast Reducion 10 Days Ago and Today I Have a New Sport Bra and It Feel Really Tight is OK to Wear This Bra?

I have breast reducion 10 days ago and today i have a new sport bra and it feel really tight is OK to wear this bra? READ MORE

How long does it take for your body to reabsorb blood in breasts after reduction surgery? (Photo)

My right breast had a clogged drain after surgery. My doctor reassures me that my breasts should even out, and I trust him, but he also told me that... READ MORE

I Had a Reduction 7 Weeks Ago and Started Light Exercise 2 Weeks Ago?

Everything looks good, but after I started exercising a bit, they felt bigger and have since. At 4-5 weeks I felt great, but now they still feel sore... READ MORE

Have I been stitched too tightly? (photo)

Hi, I am almost 4 weeks post op after having an implant change on my left side due to a contraction. I also have both nipples lowered so I am left... READ MORE

Pain After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction in June of 2012. I don't like taking the pain meds. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the pain I am feeling. It is a... READ MORE

Likelihood of revisions necessary? and why is the one side boob so hard? Scars very tight 5.5 wks po. (photos)

FYI: Breast Reduction, FNG, 6.75 lbs total, 5.5 weeks post (1) Big puckered incisions at sternum creating a pocket. Soft, empty feeling. Could this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Sutures Too Tight to Remove?

Had BR was told to have sutures removed 14-21 days afterwards. They are non absorbable continuous, basically told to get one end with knot cut and... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel so much pressure, tightness and hardness in the breast and at the incision?

I am 7 days post op. I had a reduction/lift with silicone implants. I'm not sure what size he ended up putting in, but I am a C cup now - from a D/DD.... READ MORE

Breast reduction surgery done 24 hours ago and I feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest. Is this normal?

I just had breast reduction surgery yesterday so it has almost been 24 hours. Everything was fine until I woke up feeling like an elephant had sat on... READ MORE

I have severe shooting pain in my left breast 9 wks post Breast Reduction and a slight fever. What could be causing my symptoms?

Hi, I have been experiencing severe pain and shooting pains in my left breast for 1 week, with the pain radiating up my armpit and through my arm- I... READ MORE

I just had my reduction last week to help relieve pain. Is it normal for it to feel extremely tight? Does it loosen up?

Also, when does the unbareable burning ease up? I suffer from chronic pain and was told it would be lifelong, but I can already tell the difference... READ MORE

How can I relieve the tightness between my breasts one month post Breast Reduction?

I am one month out and I have a lot of tightness between both my breast and under in the center of both any idea how to relieve this full ness tight... READ MORE

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