Feel scared the results will not be the results I've dreamed of for 15 years? (Photos)

Hello. I'm one week post op TT and BR. My dr sent me home with little instruction except to wear a simple no wore bra. Stitches to come out Monday. I feel so extremely tight and like my stitches are huge?! There rippling too? At this point, I'm a little disappointed with the size as I thought we discussed I'd go down to a D cup. Tommy, they look a little above my husband.

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Early results look great

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and as for your dream results, I hope you informed your surgeon of what your goals were.  As mentioned prior, focus on healing and realize that the rough edges along your incisions will improve with time and in most situations, flatten completely.  If you're still too large, liposuction can easily be done in the office down the road to further diminish your size.  Talk to your surgeon and keep him/her informed of any concerns you may have.

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Feeling scared about results

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Thank you for your questions and photos. My advice to you is to be patient. Your pictures look good. You are fresh postop and still have lots of healing in front of you. Save your final assessment of your results for couple months from now. At that time you should voice your concerns with your surgeon. Good luck. 

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Your result

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You look to have a nice but early postoperative result.  The postop anxiety and questioning is normal at this point in time.  Get yourself better and enjoy the relief on your upper back and shoulders.  


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Try to relax you are only one week post op.  You will be swollen for six to eight weeks, so don't fixate on size too much.  The large sutures look like tension sutures and will be removed  soon.  Pleating and puckering and swelling in the stretch marks will all resolve with time.  I think you will have a nice result. Good luck, Jane

Feel scared after breast reduction surgery…

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Hi Gina

Please be patient! It is far too early to judge the results of your surgery. It will take a minimum of 3-9 months for the BBR to settle. Additionally most patients go through an emotional roller coaster post-surgery, so your not alone!!! Be sure to seek help from your surgeon sooner if you feel concerned.

Good luck!

Feel scared after breast reduction surgery…

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.  At this point, patients commonly experience significant "emotional ups and downs".  Remember that it is much too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed.  The anxiety that patients experience at this stage of their recovery most often ends up being unnecessary, longer term.

My best advice: patience.   Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with regardless of specific cup size achieved.  In my practice,  I asked patients not to communicate their goals or evaluate the outcome of the procedure  performed based on the achievement already certain cup size.

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