Stitches + Breast Reduction

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Stitches Did Not Dissolve After Breast Reduction?

I had a Breast reduction May 19, 2009 and my doctor told me that he used dissolvable stitches. I assumed that by now being almost 8 weeks out that the... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take Sutures to Dissolve After a Breast Reduction?

I am 5 weeks in and having a pain in my nipple. I am curious if it could be a stitch working its way out, or if it is something i should be worried about? READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Oozing Hole?

Had a breast reduction in the spring. Had a small hole open along the scar, blood/pus etc. Kept it clean and it healed. Breast started to hurt/itch... READ MORE

Stitches Too Tight After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and one of my breasts looks like it has 2 halves. The stitches from the nipple down look too tight and causes a crease in my... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Internal Stitches Push out of the Skin? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op and just noticed some of my internal stitches are pushing there way out. I pulled one out thinking it was dry skin ( that is... READ MORE

Issues with Dissolvable Stitches

I had breast reduction surgery 13 years ago. For 2 years after surgery, I had several sites where the dissolvable stitches came to the surface of the... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, my nipple incision looks like it is dissolving stitches. Is this normal? (photos)

I got a breast red w/implant just under 2wk ago and unsure why the nipple incision Looks this way I have the " dissolvable" stitches and I did have... READ MORE

Lump along incision line after breast reduction. Is this possibly an undissolved stitch or scar tissue? (Photo)

I'm a little over 8 months post op. I noticed today a lump along my incision line - its not hard, but its not soft either, if that makes sense. I... READ MORE

Blister/pimple along scar line 12 weeks after breast reduction. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had my reduction at the end of June, and I still have dissolvable stitches which haven't dissolved yet and I have lumps along my scar lines because... READ MORE

Stitches Sticking out After Breast Reduction Almost 1 Month Post Op?

I didn't realise what they where at first but now there is more of them I've realised I have several stitches sticking out my insisions. Mainly around... READ MORE

Do I Take Pain Pills to Remove Stitches?

I have read alot of stories, on here. When it is time to remove the stitches around the areola and down the I take the prescription pain... READ MORE

Breast reduction dissolving stitches with tape Dr says I may be able to remove tape myself. How hard is it & how long do I wait?

I am having a breast reduction. My dr said he is using dissolving stitches with tape over the incision. I am from out of town. Dr said I can possibly... READ MORE

How long do you keep dressings after breast reduction?

I had my breast reduction on 9th October. I had it abroad so don,t have any post op checks. I had no drains and have soluble stitches. The advice from... READ MORE

How long before I can travel after a Breast Reduction and lift?

I am travelling on a long flight (24 hours) on August 6th. I want to get the surgeries done before leaving, preferably on 19th or 20th of July. How... READ MORE

is it normal to feel dizzy, light headed and nauseous 1 week post op breast reduction/lift/skin graph?

I feel a bit dizzy and light headed and nauseous I kind of feel like I may pass out it just started I've felt fine all week but now this randomly... READ MORE

Lollipop breast reduction, day 10. Yellowish substance forming over an open area. Could it be infected? (photo)

I had a "lollipop" breast reduction 10 days ago and had some sutures removed 1 week post op. About 2 days ago I noticed the stitches under my right... READ MORE

Have I been stitched too tightly? (photo)

Hi, I am almost 4 weeks post op after having an implant change on my left side due to a contraction. I also have both nipples lowered so I am left... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction and I Want to Know if Something Like This Substance Normal? (photo)

I had breast reduction 2 weeks ago and I have healed pretty well. I got the stitches taken off yesterday but today I noticed that I have a white... READ MORE

My Mum Keeps Asking Me How Many Stitches I Had in my Breast Reduction Surgery, Any Idea?

I don't know. I asked the nurse when I had my dressings changed and she said said, lots. Any idea? READ MORE

Recovery After Breast Reduction?

I would like some input with regards to recovery: -when will drains come out -when will stitches come out - when can i go back to work as cabin crew -... READ MORE

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