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Why Am I Having Rash and Burning Both Breasts 4 Wks Post Breast Reduction?

I am 4 wks post op breast reduction and I am having a lot of burning, stinging pain and redness in both breasts. Hydrocortizone is not working. I saw... READ MORE

Stinging Pain in Breasts After Reduction?

I am 3 weeks post Breast Reduction and my scars are healing fine with no sign of infection or other problems, however my breasts are quite... READ MORE

Thin Area on Incision 11days After Breast Reduction?

I have two areas that have thinned one my underneath incision that sting & itch & can also feel the stitches trying to poke out. I asked my ps... READ MORE

Pain where my steri-strips are located. Could it be an infection?

I had a breast lift and reduction 2 weeks ago I still have my steri-strips and stitches in . I have been experiencing a stinging sensation where my... READ MORE

Feels like dissolvable stitch is scratching me inside! - 3 weeks post

I feel a sharp, stinging pain in a very small area along my incision line under the breast. Any pressure there or a wrong movement causes the pain to... READ MORE

Incisions not completely closed. Can I apply new steri strips? (Photo)

I am 20 days post BR. My ps told me that the steri strips could be removed at 3 weeks so I removed yesterday -- I took off in the shower since they... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a severe stinging pain 3 weeks post breast reduction?

I have a small opening along my incision and I can see something white inside of the opening (no bleeding). But worst of all is the pain. I have a... READ MORE

10 days post op Breast Reduction and my stitches have started to sting under each breast. Any suggestions?

I'm 10 days post breast reduction from a g cup to dd, all was going well until yesterday when the stitches under each breast became sore and started... READ MORE

Does this look normal for an open wound healing? (Photos)

At week two post op for my BR, the vertical incisions started opening. The PS prescribed Silvadene treatment twice a day and keeping the areas covered... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago. Could movement make an internal stick has swelled up and pulling a bit?

Up a few centimetres from the horizontal incision I thought the tape was too tight and the skin was pinched but when I looked closer it is like a... READ MORE

Foul smelling yellow/greenish pus coming from breast reduction surgical wound. Is this normal? (Photos)

Hello Im a 24 year old female and I'm 31 days post opt from breast reduction reduction. Within the last week I have notice some stinging and sporadic... READ MORE

1 week post op left breast feels like a softball. Is there something wrong?

I just had a reduction 1 week ago and all of a sudden my left breast just became hard. Similar to engorgement during breastfeeding. It kind of stings.... READ MORE

What can cause slight pain, soreness in the incision under the right arm after breast reduction/scar revision?

I had a breast reduction/scar revision done about 6 weeks ago. Everything was healing fine, until a week ago I started feeling discomfort under my... READ MORE

Is it normal for a lump that formed after breast reduction surgery a year ago to sting, burn or be red and swollen?

My daughter had breast reduction a year ago and she has a lump that hurts her and it burns and stings. it is also red and swollen and visible. The... READ MORE

Why do I have a sore stinging feeling right at the t-incision 1 week post breast reduction?

I am 1 week post-op Breast Reduction. I was a 36F and had 500g removed from each breast. The healing process has been simple, with minimal pain except... READ MORE

Breast reduction incisions are opening

I'm about 3 weeks post op. And a little freaked out. My incisions are opening under by breast and under the nipple. My surgeon said this is common and... READ MORE

Sharp, painful sting 9 days after breast reductions... what is wrong?

I just had a breast reduction 9 days ago and have felt great. Tonight, on one breast, right directly on the incisions around my nipple is a tight... READ MORE

Reduction post 12. Right areola skin detached, stingy color, darkened open scab, yellow, brown discharge, left yellow (Photo)

Is this normal the darkening ?the open scab small amount of skin keeping peeling after gauge change should something be apply to protect area from... READ MORE

4 months post op breast reduction, breasts still swollen and sore.

It has been 4 months since my breast reduction and my breast are still quite swollen and recently they have been quite sore and stingy?Is this normal?... READ MORE

After 5 months of surgery two knots appear in the other breast.

I had a breast reduction 12/23/15, last month I had a nice think lump appear following some pain. My doctor ordered it to be x-ray, then they... READ MORE

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