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How Can I Speed Up the Healing of an Open Spot After Breast Reduction?

I'm 5 weeks post surgery and I have a small open spot on the incision line on my right breast. The area always has a litte bright red bleed.... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Breast Reduction Surgery

I had breast reduction & was left with a large lump or hard mass under the skin on the top part of my breast. I was told it was breast fat-... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Your Breast to Heal After Breast Reduction?

I had breast reduction in January of 09, My breast are still very sore where the scars are. The stitches hurt really bad especially when I wear a bra... READ MORE

I Am 11 Days Post Op Breast Reduction. My Chest is Sore in Ways It Wasn't Before. Should I Worry? (photo)

I have had a great recovery thus far, but I am starting to feel deep pain above mg breasts. Could this be from simply becoming more active? Also, my... READ MORE

When can I sleep on my side after BR?

I am 11 days post op, feeling good but still quite sore. When can I start sleeping on my side again? I have a hard time sleeping on my back but I dont... READ MORE

Nipples to Feel Pain After 4 Months of Breast Reduction Surgery?

My nipple areas are the hardest to heal after the breast reduction surgery in early July. They are sore and painful. When I pinch the pain area, it... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Breast to Still Be Very Sore 6 Months After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 6 months ago and my breast are still extremely tender and sore to the touch. They are also a bit hard on the sides and my... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction, When Will the Soreness go Away? Bras are Irritating the Area.

I had BR Feb 24 - 38DD to 38C. The breasts are still very sore and bruised. The area most bothersome is where the drains were - its like the bra... READ MORE

Nipples Sore One Year After Breast Reduction Surgery, What can I Do?

I had a breast reduction a year ago. I'm African American so I got keloids around my nipples and under my breast as well. The keloids hurt from... READ MORE

I had my second breast reduction 30 yrs ago, Open Wound After Breast Reduction?

I had my second breast reduction on May 14, 1st 30 yrs ago, when the surgeon took off tape after my10 day visit, I didn't notice until I got home that... READ MORE

Infection at Incision Site? 2 Weeks Post Breast Reduction and Incision Site Turned Yellow/White With Discharge?

I recently had a breast reduction and am 2 weeks post op. In the past few days, the incision site under my breasts has turned white/yellow. It's also... READ MORE

Laying on my side 10 days post op?

Is it OK to lay on my side when I sleep at night. My left breast is really sore and the incision line is hard and hurts when I touch it. But the... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Hematoma is Still Hard and Sore. Normal?

Had reduction 18 days ago, drains removed following day. Excessive swelling on one more obvious - was told it would settle. Bruising and shape... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Reduction and Lift I Am Very Sore and Tight?

My breast tissue seems too tight especially in my cleavage area. Is this unusual and if so what complications should I look for? READ MORE

I had breast reduction 5 months ago. I'm still sore and too big. Does this sound correct?

I was a 34/DDD, I wanted and was suppose to be a C. After surgery I was wearing a 38DD bra, but am now at a 34D, full D large side. It has been 5... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 8 Weeks Post Op - Awakened with Pain?

I had a breast reduction 8 weeks ago and after an infection in my right breast, I am now beginning to heal and feel better. I returned to work 1 week... READ MORE

I Had a Reduction 7 Weeks Ago and Started Light Exercise 2 Weeks Ago?

Everything looks good, but after I started exercising a bit, they felt bigger and have since. At 4-5 weeks I felt great, but now they still feel sore... READ MORE

Is it normal to still be exhausted 8 weeks post op breast reduction/lift? No complications but still zero energy. 47 yrs old

42 DD to 42 C Total of 1100 grams removed. Anchor incision. Pleased with results but anxious to start working out and dieting seriously but dead tired... READ MORE

Does this wound look normal? (Photo)

I have had a breast reduction almost 3 weeks ago. One breast is slightly more sore than the other with a little redness and discharge at the t section... READ MORE

Sore Nipples 15 Months After a Breast Reduction. Can't Breastfeed my Son, Too Painful!

I had a breast reduction 15 months ago. I've just had my first child and am trying to breast feed, but my nipples are so sensitive I am brought to... READ MORE

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