When can I sleep on my side after BR?

I am 11 days post op, feeling good but still quite sore. When can I start sleeping on my side again? I have a hard time sleeping on my back but I dont want things to "pull apart"

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Sleeping on your side after a breast reduction

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I tell my patients that they don't have to sleep on their back or sit up all night after breast reduction surgery. They can sleep any way they want from the night of surgery on, including on their stomach or side, if they are comfortable enough.

Your stitches won't pull apart if you sleep on them. That's because the deep tissue is brought together with multiple layers of thick, braided stitches that take about three months to dissolve.

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Breast Reduction

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This is a very interesting question and I believe that if you ask 10 surgeons they will each answer differently therefore I defer this one to your surgeon.  Ask him and he will give you his/her post op regimen


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Thank you for your question but every surgeon has his own regimen so it would be best to follow his instructions

Dr Corbin

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