Scar Revision + Breast Reduction

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Can These Breast Reduction Scars Be Repaired? (photo)

My reduction was done two years ago and I went from a G to a DD. After my breast reduction, I asked the doctors office about the scars (raised and... READ MORE

Side boobage after reduction. Will scar revision help, or should I have a revision? (Photo)

THis is my second post I did add photos on my first one been having issues loading photos lets try again.Its for the fold that happened wasnt there... READ MORE

Scars from Breast Reduction 2 Years Ago. Options? (photo)

It's been about two years now and I want to know what are my options if any to get rid of my scars they are sooo yucky looking. READ MORE

Scar Treatment For Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had my stitches removed yesterday from my breast reduction . I am 16 days post op . When can I start using the silicon sheets on my scars? Or any... READ MORE

What is involved in a scar revision, and would it be feasible for me? (photo)

What is involved in a scar revision? Is this done with a local anesthetic in the office? I am not too happy with how my incisions around my areolas... READ MORE

Will the puckering on the sides of my breasts smooth out or will I need a revision of the scars? (Photo)

I am 4 weeks post op breast reduction from 38DD to the size you see in the pictures. I have 3 substantial puckering areas on the left breast and one... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time with Periareolar Scar Revision?

I had a breast reduction done 5 months ago. part of my old areola is left over making for a very ugly appearance. I am having a revision and would... READ MORE

How is scar revision done around the areola?

How is scar revision done around the areola? I had breast reduction and had wound openings around one nipple so I have thicker scars around it and it... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Micropigmentation?

I had a breast reduction 15 years ago and have smooth, flat, white scars that completely blend into my skin. The surgeon left behind some areolar... READ MORE

Will my surgeon do a scar revision for free as 2 years after op have bad red scaring?

I had a B/reduction 2 years ago. Still got red thick red scarring. Saw the surgeon a few months ago and he gave me some cortisone injections but they... READ MORE

Dog Ears & Kenalog Shot. Can scar revision help at all? (Photo)

Can anything be done to fix the scar where the dog's ear was removed. It looks ugly since I swim every day. Also after the kenalog shot the area... READ MORE

What would you recommend? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction at 15 (I am currently 33) and had a horrible surgeon, as well as scars. I have 1 child that I was able to breastfeed and may... READ MORE

Beginning Scar Treatment for a Breast Reduction?

Hello! I'm a 24 days post op from a BR. I have had no problems at all, no pain at all-nothing! I'm a fast healer, so all of my incisions have been... READ MORE

How Much Can I Have Done During a Revision?

I had a breast reduction in February. I will be having a scar revision to fix the "webs" under my breasts.They removed 3.5 lbs from my breasts. I am... READ MORE

This is an "update" to my first question. What would you say if I was your patient? (Photo)

Im now 4 months post op from my Breast Reduction/ Lift that had the 2 open wounds, and this is where I'm at as for healing. (please see new pics) It... READ MORE

Can my scarring be revised (photo)

I am few months post breast reduction and concerned about imf scar as it seems to be quite high above the fold or crease I am not sure why this was... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts after Breast Reduction. Is Revision surgery covered by Insurance in Vancouver, BC? (photos)

Reduced in 2013 and pleased with results despite one breast is a full cup size larger. I was a 32 DDD and now a 32 B-C. For surgery I had 1/3 removed... READ MORE

Side boobage after reduction. Will scar revision help, or should I have a revision?

I have a few rolls on side of breast that occurred several months after reduction right after surgery it was nice and flat I am 4 months post opt.... READ MORE

Are these breast reduction scars hypertrophic or keloids? Will scar revision help? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post op from my breast reduction. I am happy with the results other than how my body is healing. My incisions are red, beefy, and... READ MORE

I had a Breast Reduction 20 years ago. Not happy with smaller breasts and scarring?

Im not happy i want smaller breast but im also traumatized with scars my boyfriend said that men get disapointed when he sees the scars on women's... READ MORE

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