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I Am 11 Days Post Op Breast Reduction. My Chest is Sore in Ways It Wasn't Before. Should I Worry? (photo)

I have had a great recovery thus far, but I am starting to feel deep pain above mg breasts. Could this be from simply becoming more active? Also, my... READ MORE

Skin on Side of Breasts Extremely Itchy 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Reduction, Any Suggested Cream to Use?

I am three weeks past my surgery and the itching/burning skin is the most uncomfortable condition right now. READ MORE

I had my breast reduction 3 wks ago, a week ago my breast became reddish. No fever. Is this normal? (Photo)

I went to see the doctor a week after the redness appeared. It was just the right breast. He put me back on antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic... READ MORE

19 Days Post Op. Right Breast Red, Itchy and More Firm Than Left Breast? (photo)

My right breast had an extensive reduction...about 400 grams. It hasn't healed well around the nipple from the beginning and also split along the... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction Surgery Been Having a Crawling Like Feeling in Breast What is This?

Had a reduction about 2 weeks ago. Was taking Vicodan for pain but took self off was making me very sick. But breast feel like there is something... READ MORE

Does this look like it's getting infected underneath the nipple? Should I see my doctor sooner or is the redness normal? (photo)

Hi. I am 10 days post op and I have noticed redness on my scars on my left breast under the nipple today while changing my tapes. I have had a small... READ MORE

BR 3 months post op, ITCHY ITCHY INCISIONS! Why? (Photo)

I'm 18, 5'6 and 145lbs. I had a breast reduction in January 2014. I went from a 34HH to a 36DD. Two weeks ago, I went for a follow up appointment, and... READ MORE

I Am a 45-year-old MD. I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 22 Days Ago.

At post-op day 10, I had a hematoma on left. PS tried to drain 4 days later and drained for 1.5 days. I had many purple bruises on that breast. But... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction can I start to massage them?

I had a breast reduction on Jan 27, 2015 and they are hard and hurt. They also itch very bad and when I rub them I feel some pain relief. I am... READ MORE

Still have irritation. Have not put anything on because Nurse said I'm sensitive and just to keep it clean. (Photo)

I've already put Polysporin and Aquaphor.. But I'm still having itchiness and burning sensation. What other ointment can I use to help with the rash... READ MORE

Pain After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction in June of 2012. I don't like taking the pain meds. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the pain I am feeling. It is a... READ MORE

Scar Pain?

Pain in scars. Feels like a needle stick, bad pain comes and goes, Still have a scab it just keeps peeling off and growing back! Still also very itchy... READ MORE

Is This Normal Side Incision Healing? Breast Reduction 18 Days Post Op. (photo)

Left Side Itchy W/ White Open Areas and Yellow DrainageMy left side got swollen 1 wk & 1/2 out, incision was closed w/ disposable sutures w/ a... READ MORE

I know I'm brown but should my breast be black? (photo)

I had a reduction performed 7/2/13. One doctor to each breast. So needless to say I have a different result to each breast. About a week ago I start... READ MORE

Loss of Sensation in Armpit After Excision of Axillary Breast Tissue?

I had a surgery for excision of axillary breast tissue from my right underarm four months ago. Surgery was performed under GA. It has healed, but I've... READ MORE

When will itching from breast reduction subside?

I had a breast reduction about a week ago and have been experiencing horrible itchiness for about three days. I know it's part of the healing process,... READ MORE

Unbearably Itchy 9 Days Post Op! BR/Lipo to Abd/flanks Fat Grafting to Buttocks?

I have a latex allergy. I started using the Johnson & Johnson brand non-stick pads and when I took the bandages off the inflammation was almost... READ MORE

Why would I be having an allergic reaction after a breast reduction?

I'm on my 3rd post op day from having my breast reduction and I've recently noticed that I feel as if I'm having an allergic reaction around my... READ MORE

My breast are sore, firm, very itchy, and red blotchy around the steri strips?

Will be 2 weeks post op on Monday Oct 6. Periods are very regular so expected on Oct 4. READ MORE

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