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Nipple / Areola complexes following breast reduction (Photo)

I had a breast reduction with lollipop incision on December 2nd. Prior to BBR I was a 36/38DDD with small, sometimes flat nipples, but note that my... READ MORE

I Am 6 Months Post Op from a Breast Reduction and my Nipples Are Inverted, Unevenly Leveled, and the Shape is Horrible?

I went from an H to one D and one C. My nipples are inverted and uneven heights, the scars aren't even and dont follow the natural line under my... READ MORE

54 Married, Black Women, Surgery Aug 2012, (2) Questions, Nipples Inverted/flat, Dark Colored Scars?

I am 54 Married, Black Women, I had surgery Aug 2, 2012, I have two questions, my nipples are inverted and some what flatten, plus I have dark colored... READ MORE

Are "square" breasts normal after reduction or do they go back to normal shape?

I had a breast reduction October 24th and my dr used the technique that leaves an anchor shaped scar. Around my nipple, down my breast, and then under... READ MORE

Inverted T Incision - Nipple and Areola Left Untouched?

If breast reduction is limited to removing only tissue benath nipple area, it will limit amount of reduction possible. Won't this cause cone shaped... READ MORE

11 weeks post op of Breast Reduction, I feel pain, faint, feverish, and tenderness in both breasts. What could cause this?

Hi, I have been suffering from extreme tenderness in both of my breasts for the past 3 weeks/firmer, I have a swollen lymph node in my armpit which is... READ MORE

Can I expect that my breasts will change if one seems smaller than the other with inverted nipples? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op. I was apx a size F-G, and I was adamant that I wanted a small C. It doesn't look like I am a small C to me, but my doc says... READ MORE

What can be done in BR if my breasts are bigger than I wanted?

When I initially inquired about a BR I said I wanted to be a small C. My doc said I would eventually get smaller as the swelling went down. I am 4... READ MORE

Need a nipple / areola specialist -Toronto area - 5 months post op with inverted nipples. (photos)

I had a lollipop reduction on Dec 2. Prior I was 38DDD with small flat nipples but my nipples could become erect - I had no issues breastfeeding. I am... READ MORE

Can inverted nipples fixed with Breast reduction?

Hi, im hoping to get a breast reduction from 34DDD to hopefully 34B. I also have inverted nipples. Can my nipples be altered at the same time as the... READ MORE

My PS said he couldn't fix my inverted nipple (Photo)

Recent BR with lift My ps said he couldn't fix my inverted nipple I thought it was a relatively easy procedure READ MORE

My right nipple looks inverted and smushed. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction surgery done yesterday morning at 8 AM. When I peek at my new breasts, the left nipple looks normal with stare strips around... READ MORE

2 month post-op breast reduction. One side is hard as a rock and numb underneath. Nipple is inverted to left. Will it go away?

I had issue with fat necrosis and drainage at the T-incision. The incision did split. That lasted about 2-3 weeks. I was able to massage and push out... READ MORE

Will my nipples come out after the swelling goes down? (photos)

This is first day after my breast reduction toon surgery, I had the Lolipop incision. My nipples seem to now be inverted but my doctor says they are... READ MORE

Some sort of "j-scar" method for breast reduction, anyone?

Hey all, I just had my BR 2 weeks ago. My surgeon used a slightly different technique; it seems that the scars will look like a j and inverted j,... READ MORE

I had a reduction. My right nipple is inverted now. I think an incision at my nipple (not my areola) has not healed. What gives?

The tip of my nipple has a white pigment (which, is very noticeable to me considering I'm African American). I know I need to see a doctor about this... READ MORE

Breast reduction surgery gone wrong - 18 months post-op. (photo)

For any surgeon. i had breast reduction Nov 2015. it went wrong. tissue started dying. 3 months of hyperbaric for infection. left with scars,... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast Reduction/Lift Dec.4th 15. What to do about Black/flat and slightly inverted nipples, uneven nip shape? (photo)

Is this normal? I had my 1st post Op appt with my PS on Dec.9th in which he stated everything was good and had the nurse remove my staples.( I did not... READ MORE

Inverted nipples after Breast reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast reduction 4 Months ago and although I'm very happy with the results I'm just worried with the way my nipples are inverted, will they... READ MORE

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