Hardness + Breast Reduction

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Hard Spots on Breast?

I had a brest rduction 2 months ago and I still have hard spots on my breast will this go away? READ MORE

Is It Normal for Breast to Be a Little Hard Near the Side of the Incision Site?

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and I have what seems to be a very hard spot right above my incisions on both sides of the breast. They aren't... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Feel Tenderness (Extreme), Aching, Pain & Hardness 11 Weeks Post-op?

I still have fairly strong pain & tenderness 11 weeks after reduction/lift from 34E-F to a C. I had compromised blood flow w/ nipple wounds that... READ MORE

Yellow Thick Mucus Discharge Inflamation Resdish on the Button of my Breast? (photo)

After 2 month of having breast lift my breast became red, hard, almost all around my breast but mostly a botton. Now I am having this dicharge and my... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Reduction 4 Months Ago and my Left Breast is Very Hard?

I had a breast reduction 4 months ago on Jan 27,2013 and my left breast still feels very hard. It feels like there is a baseball in there. Is this... READ MORE

Feel Hard Lump Like Engorged After Reduction?

I had breast reduction 2weeks ago, now feel a hard lump on one side almost as i am engorged, it is above areola. There is no color change or bruising... READ MORE

Post Surgical BR Leaves Hard Breasts?

I have 2nd breast reduction 6 months ago. Both breasts have scar tissue, however, right breast tissue consists of one large abnormal shaped hard lump.... READ MORE

What is the course of action when fat necrosis develops? (photos)

I'm 5 weeks post op with a hardened mass developing in my larger left breast. I saw my PS last week & had fluid aspirated which helped. Ultrasound... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op Breast Reduction, Left Breast has Numbness and is a little hard in addition to swelling, should I be concerned?

I had a breast reduction on march 3. Everything went well, one breast was DD and another a D so the doctor brought me down to a C. I have had no... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery Post-op Pain?

A month ago I had breast reduction surgery and my breasts are very hard and aching (mastistis like) pain. What can I do to ease the pain? READ MORE

Hard Lump Found After Reduction?

I am three monthes post breast reduction surgery. I have a large hard lump in my left breast near my nipple. It feels like it is the size of a golf... READ MORE

Should I be worried if one breast is hard in places and warm to the touch after Breast Reduction? (photos)

Had a br 12 days ago. The left side was "fuller" right away but now it seems to be more tender, warm to the touch and hard in a area or two. It does... READ MORE

Breast Necrosis Breast is Headed but I Feel a Hard Lump?

I have necrosis tissue in my left breast ans my doctor just wants to operate and I'm scared that I will go throught this again are there any other... READ MORE

Bad smelling pus and old blood oozing from breast after reduction 11 days after surgery (photos)

I had bad pain two days before, my right breast was also hot. My doc put me on amoxicillin. As I took off the tape ( I had itching under) I pulled on... READ MORE

Size of breasts after Breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction last week, my breasts look like they are probably a large A cup or a small B cup (I was a DD). I had not expected to go this... READ MORE

21 days post op breast reduction, one side bigger than the other (photo)

I am 21 days post op and one of my breast is majorly bigger than the other. Looks to be about a cup size larger. The larger one is also much harder,... READ MORE

Should my breast still be hard day after hematoma evactuation? (photo)

I just had a breast reduction 18 days ago. Shortly after I got a hematoma. The dr suctioned my breast twice. First time removing 150cc and second time... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Reduction, there is a bar areas and hardness under my breast. Should I be worried?

I went to do my breast reduction surgery almost 3 weeks ago it seems like my swelling has gone down quite a bit but now I feel hardness at the long... READ MORE

What Should I Expect at a Diagnostic Mammo 2.5 Months Post BR?

BR was done 8/17/12; pathology showed DCIS grade3 in one breast. Have to have dx mammo and mri in early november for treatment planning. am scared... READ MORE

My reduction seems to be too close to the muscle beneath. Any suggestions? (photos)

If I tense my pectoral muscles the breast tissue above it seems to have been removed too close to the muscle it feels a bit odd if I tense my muscles... READ MORE

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