G To DD Cup + Breast Reduction

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Can These Breast Reduction Scars Be Repaired? (photo)

My reduction was done two years ago and I went from a G to a DD. After my breast reduction, I asked the doctors office about the scars (raised and... READ MORE

36G --> If 500 Grams is Removed, What Size Will I Be? I Prefer to Be a 36D or 36DD (photo)

Hello, I am on my 3rd appointment, currently with the Surgeon. I'm 34, 5'6, 185lbs. The insurance company requires that 500 grams must be... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction Surgery, is This the Best my Surgeon Can Do?

I had BR 6 months ago and was a 34G and now a 34DD. My breasts are still heavy and droopy still causing neck and shoulder pain. I thought my breasts... READ MORE

Will a Breast Reduction Make my Boobs Small and Saggy?

I am 17 and a size 36g I have been considering getting a reduction to a 36 dd or around there. I have saggy breasts currently and am worried that they... READ MORE

What is the course of action when fat necrosis develops? (photos)

I'm 5 weeks post op with a hardened mass developing in my larger left breast. I saw my PS last week & had fluid aspirated which helped. Ultrasound... READ MORE

Do Not Want Reduction To Make Me Too Small- G Cup

I am 45 y/o and wear a 40G bra size. I am looking at a breast reduction and lift. I have always been large on top and do not want to go so drastic in... READ MORE

When Can I Return to my Job As Flight Attendant (Longhaul) After Breast Reduction?

I am off work and live in the UK. I attempted to go back to work after 5-6 weeks after a successful breast reducion (34G to a 34 DD) but I was very... READ MORE

How long until the swelling goes down? Is it normal for my breasts to be hard and warm? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction a week ago. I was a 34G. My PS said I would be a 34C, but I tried on a bra and it was a 34DD. Is something wrong? Is it... READ MORE

10 days post op Breast Reduction and my stitches have started to sting under each breast. Any suggestions?

I'm 10 days post breast reduction from a g cup to dd, all was going well until yesterday when the stitches under each breast became sore and started... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from a G (Maybe GG) to a E or DD?

I really want a breast reduction. My back kills, but only started after they got bigger then an E, and I enjoy bigger boobs, so I wouldn't want too go... READ MORE

Roughly how many cc would need to be removed to take me down to a DD or DDD from my current G?

Hello I am currently 5'6" 196 lbs medium build. I wear a 34G (34 I in U.S. Size) I've been approved for a breast reduction by my insurance company... READ MORE

What breast size will I be left with after a 370 gram removal from each breast? (photos)

My insurance will only cover a 370 gram minimum removal per breast based on height and weight. I currently am a 38 G based on a bra fitting, I always... READ MORE

I want a reduction (& lift) from a 32G/F bra to a 32DD. How many cc's approximately will a surgeon need to remove?

I know that it will vary, that breasts may be larger than the other, also that it would be just a "rough" number w/o being measured by a Dr, so I... READ MORE

Can Fat necrosis developed 4 almost 5 months after a breast reduction.

About a week ago my husband noticed a lump on my left breast I just shrugged it off as fat necrosis because I had a breast reduction almost 5 months... READ MORE

Need help deciding what size to get breast reduced to?

I would appreciate it if advice was given in terms of Victoria's Secret cup sizes with a normal Demi lightly lined. I'm a 34G squeezing myself into... READ MORE

Is 280g enough of a breast reduction to make a difference in comfort and appearance?

I just had a breast reduction 1 week ago & am feeling discouraged with the results. I am petite: I wanted to go down to a 28DD (equiv. to a 32C)... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a reduction with lift and implants? Also, am I too young?

I'm a healthy 21 year old with very saggy 34G breasts. I am currently 160lbs (having lost 35lbs since January, and aiming to lose another 30lbs before... READ MORE

Severe breast pain on right side a year after breast surgery.

It started as a pull feeling at the bottom of my left breast. Now I can not lay on my left side or flat on my back without the breast pain when I sit... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Operative Depression / Anxiety / Panic Attacks - Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and went from a G cup to approx DD cup .. I had no high expectations of the surgery, however, I have had this... READ MORE

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