F To D Cup + Breast Reduction

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Will Insurance Allow Breast Reduction from F to D Cup?

I have always been large breasted and have always wanted a reduction. In the past 2 years, I have given birth to two children and breastfed. My... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible?

A few years ago I had a breast reduction (anchor incision) going from a 38F to a 38D. I am a large frame so going any smaller would not look right... READ MORE

How can I correct my asymmetrical breasts? (photo)

My breasts have always been asymmetrical. The left breast began developing well before the right, and now I am left with this. I have always been self... READ MORE

How long after breast reduction surgery does the swelling start? And how long does it last? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction a week ago. I was a 32F and wanted to be a D or DD. I was pleased with the size the day after the surgery. It was nice, over... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, I weigh about 172 pounds and I wear a 36F. Would I qualify for a reduction if I chose to go to a D cup?

I'm 24 years old, I weigh about 172 pounds and I wear a 36F. The weight from my breast is overbearing, I hate to even hold a purse because of the... READ MORE

I have fluid draining 6 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I have an opening under my breast. I was told it was 9 cm deep and they are packing it with gauze soaked in betadine I believe it's called. however... READ MORE

After a breast reduction over a year ago, I have dark colored skin down my incision. What can I do about it besides surgery?

After having a breast reduction in 2014 (F to D), I am left with skin the same color as my areola around my vertical incision. The scars are... READ MORE

How long will nerve pain last after 1.2 kg removal of breast tissue?

I have had a reduction, 12F. Down to 14D. 1.2kg removed total. READ MORE

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