F To D Cup + Breast Reduction

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Will Insurance Allow Breast Reduction from F to D Cup?

I have always been large breasted and have always wanted a reduction. In the past 2 years, I have given birth to two children and breastfed. My... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible?

A few years ago I had a breast reduction (anchor incision) going from a 38F to a 38D. I am a large frame so going any smaller would not look right... READ MORE

What to expect during and after breast reduction surgery? (Photos)

Hello. I am a 22 year old woman. I just got approved by my insurance company for my breast reduction surgery. I'm currently a 38 F possibly bigger. I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for breast reduction surgery? Would I be covered? (Photo)

I am 21 years old and have size 12 F breasts. My breasts have given me various problems for many years including; back/neck pain, headaches, dents in... READ MORE

How long after breast reduction surgery does the swelling start? And how long does it last? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction a week ago. I was a 32F and wanted to be a D or DD. I was pleased with the size the day after the surgery. It was nice, over... READ MORE

How can I correct my asymmetrical breasts? (photo)

My breasts have always been asymmetrical. The left breast began developing well before the right, and now I am left with this. I have always been self... READ MORE

After a breast reduction over a year ago, I have dark colored skin down my incision. What can I do about it besides surgery?

After having a breast reduction in 2014 (F to D), I am left with skin the same color as my areola around my vertical incision. The scars are... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, I weigh about 172 pounds and I wear a 36F. Would I qualify for a reduction if I chose to go to a D cup?

I'm 24 years old, I weigh about 172 pounds and I wear a 36F. The weight from my breast is overbearing, I hate to even hold a purse because of the... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction, I'm 4 months post op. Do I have symmastia? (photos)

I went from a 32F/G to about a D/DD. I am worried I have symmastia. There isn't much of a separation between my boobs. You can see where my sternum is... READ MORE

I have fluid draining 6 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I have an opening under my breast. I was told it was 9 cm deep and they are packing it with gauze soaked in betadine I believe it's called. however... READ MORE

Can I go from a 36F to 36D?

I am about to have a breast reduction on june 3, my procedure was approved by blue cross blue shield and I think the minimum amount of tissue to be... READ MORE

Would a reduction help? (photos)

I would like to know how much a reduction with lift would help me. Also, can the nipple repair be done at the same time? I am currently a 42 f and... READ MORE

Post surgery left breast nipple now inverted.

I am generally happy with the results of my surgery where reduction moved me from 32FF to 32DD. I anticipated the left breast would be slightly larger... READ MORE

Two weeks till BR and I'm starting to get nervous. I'm a 34 FFF and doctor says he can take me to a D?

Worried D will not be small enough, doing this because of undesirable neck and back pain. Should I try and convince doc to go smaller. It's crazy how... READ MORE

Breast reduction procedure and concerns regarding obvious/keloid scarring. Any suggestions?

I'm considering breast reduction surgery; I'm currently a UK bra size 34F-34G and I'd like to be a D cup. However, I have extremely fair skin and I'm... READ MORE

How long will nerve pain last after 1.2 kg removal of breast tissue?

I have had a reduction, 12F. Down to 14D. 1.2kg removed total. READ MORE

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