Excess Skin + Breast Reduction

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Excess Flab on Sides After Breast Reduction

I had Breast Reduction around five years ago, followed by a lot of complicatons (which were fixed by another doctor). Now, I'm concerned about the... READ MORE

My Breast Tissue Has Migrated Under my Armpit Can It Be Put Back to the Front Where It Belongs?

Breast tissue has moved to sides of my body following meshing of abdominal area. Can this breast tissue be moved from under my armpits back to the... READ MORE

Will Excess Skin Under my Breasts Go Away?

It has been almost two months since my breast reduction surgery. I had a few complications after because my surgeon did not put draining tubes in... READ MORE

I am a 40H. What is a good size for breast reduction? How much will this alleviate back pain? (photo)

I have severe back pain, including a slipped disc. It is painful doing workouts with my breasts flopping up and down, despite the expensive quality... READ MORE

Looks Like Wings Under My Arms At Drain Sites Post-Breast Reduction, Is This Permanent?

One week post op and I love the size but look like I have wings under my arms and points where the drains were. Will this go way in time? READ MORE

How Much Will Deflated Breasts Be Helped by a Breast Reduction?

I am a 33 yr old mother of 3 children, all of whom I breast fed for almost a full year each. Ever since then my breasts seem very hollow when I lie... READ MORE

21 year old petite female; can breast reduction help me obtain fuller higher breast? (photos)

21 years old 5'3 ;110lbs and currently a 32DD. After a considerable amount of weight lost with diet and exercise, I've been left with low hanging... READ MORE

Breast Reduction W/ Implants?

I have DD breasts with significant droopage with extra skin under my arms where my bra sits making them look completely shapeless;I've been told... READ MORE

What Part of the Actual Breast Tissue is Removed During a Breast Reduction?

My PS said that he would remove excess skin from the bottom of each breast, but that the actual breast tissue would be removed from the sides of each... READ MORE

13 months since breast reduction. Rt breast areola/nip areas sinks in and indents. Volume so diff & smaller than left. Why?

Left breast still absolutely no feeling NOT EVEN in breast aside from nipple. I know Left breast is there obviously but I can't feel it there. Was... READ MORE

Does This Scar Look Okay? The Pain from Surgery is Bad.

I had heavy breasts with a large cup size. I wanted a supportive lift that would reduce my size by removing excess skin. I thought it was a Mastopexy,... READ MORE

Is there any way to get around the gram requirement for a breast reduction? (photos)

I am having a breast reduction and BCBS requires that about 475-500 grams be removed from each breast based on my BSA. However, my breasts are almost... READ MORE

18 yr Old Breast Reduction C to small B/A? (photos)

I have gotten several cyst removes between the age 15-17 and this has left my breast saggy with excess skin and large looking areolas. Will a breast... READ MORE

What surgery would you recommend? (Photos)

I've lost 67kg and I'm looking into a breast reduction. My bmi is 28 and my bra size is a 12J. I've have always led a active life even when morbidly... READ MORE

Why are the lower portion of my breasts indented? (photos)

I am 10 days post op. On my left breast he did a vertical incision and on the right a vertical incision and a small horiz. incision because I had... READ MORE

2 months post opt BR and lift - vertically. I have excess skin, will it go away? (photos)

I had the opt in 8june2016. It has been almost two months since my BR AND LIFT, I have these flaps of skin under my breasts. They look dark too. I had... READ MORE

Donut incision on larger breast reduction.

I have 75G EUR cup, but it's not that big, at least for me. It's mostly loose, there's an excess of skin around the areola and the breast is very soft... READ MORE

Will an underwire bra will help with the breast rolls under my breasts? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery in May 27, so today I'm two-weeks post-op. On the one week post op visit my surgeon instructed me to start wearing an... READ MORE

What to expect for breast reduction revision? (Photo)

I am having a revision for excessive breast tissue and skin under both my arms I am of normal weight. Was not there before or after breast reduction... READ MORE

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