Looks Like Wings Under My Arms At Drain Sites Post-Breast Reduction, Is This Permanent?

One week post op and I love the size but look like I have wings under my arms and points where the drains were. Will this go way in time?

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Wings under arms

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You can't make any judgements at one week after surgery.  Wait 3 months, then if you still have some "wings" under your arms, excision of the dog ears can be done or a small amount of liposuctin works well depending on skin laxity.

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Breast reduction and drains sites

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Some patients have excess tissue on the side of the breasts which actualy is part of fatty tissue rolls. This may be the case for you. The protrusion from the drain site may or may not improve and certainly could be revised at a later time if they persist.

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Breast Reduction Recovery

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Thank you for your email.

You are still very early in the recovery process.  Allow youself time to heal before worrying about the drain site. Swelling will also go down with time as well and therefore improving the area.

Best Wishes!

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