Drainage + Breast Reduction

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Seromas After Breast Reduction

I had breast reduction surgery. I had a bleeder and 2nd sx 12 hours later. Then 1week later had to have 500cc serous fluid drained. 2 days later and... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, Experiencing Open Wound and Drainage. Should I Have Surgery to find Necrosis?

I had a breast reduction in November 2011. As of February 2012 I still have an open wound and fat neucrosis drainage. This occurs along the edge of an... READ MORE

Are Drains Recommended After a Breast Reduction?

After years of the "phobia" of having a reduction, I plan to have the surgery the first week of August 2010. What is the opinion of having... READ MORE

Swelling and Tingling After Breast Reduction

I am 4 days post op breast reduction and have noticed increased swelling in my breasts. My breasts are tight, high, & very tingly. Its... READ MORE

Seroma Under the Armpit, What Treatment is Best when Draining is Not Work? Who Are the Best Doctors for Treatment? (photo)

My daughter just had her baby. While pregant she developed fat tiss.Two weeks after giving birth my daughter had surgery to remove excess breast... READ MORE

I Am 9 Days Post-op from a Breast Reduction and I Still Have Lots of Drainage. Is This Normal? (photo)

My surgeon does not use drains. My breast are very swollen and I have to change dressings 3 or 4 times a day. Is this okay. I called two days ago and... READ MORE

Doctor says "she doesn't know why it's happening". Do I need to see a different doctor? (photo)

My doctor just tells me "she doesn't know why it's happening" I've had a breast reduction and had to have drains. I think they took the drains out to... READ MORE

Weird Looking Drain Hole Scar After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had br on 3/26/13. I had drain on each side for one day..i am hating how they look..and the left side has a rather large skin flap..will i need a... READ MORE

Retaining Large Amounts of Fluid After Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction but I am retaining around 50 lbs of water. Any suggestions? The surgeon has drained the breasts and stomach area 3 times... READ MORE

3 months post op of Breast Reduction and still have wound. Should I start another round of antibiotics? (photos)

I am 12 weeks post breast reduction and still having issues healing. I'm one week off this round antibiotics and I just started to become red, tender... READ MORE

Still in Pain After Seromas Were drained, Do I Have Other Options?

I developed post surgical seromas in bilateral breasts about 2 weeks post reduction. I did have them drained about 15ml removed. I saw my plastic... READ MORE

Drainage After Drain Removal?

I had my drains removed yesterday after breast reduction Feb 19th. I still have some clear fluid draining out on the one side. Is this normal and... READ MORE

Is This Normal Side Incision Healing? Breast Reduction 18 Days Post Op. (photo)

Left Side Itchy W/ White Open Areas and Yellow DrainageMy left side got swollen 1 wk & 1/2 out, incision was closed w/ disposable sutures w/ a... READ MORE

About 3 Weeks Ago I Had a Large Amount of Fluid Drain from a Sudden Hole Along Under Side of Breast Reduction, Will This Heal?

How long till I heal? Will I be disfigured? I pack three times a day and it's painful! I'm five weeks post op READ MORE

It Has Been a Year and my One Breast is Still Draining and Bleeding What Should I Do?

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago a tiny spot on the right nipple area wont heal still drains and bleeds ,she operated a second time and it healed... READ MORE

How bad is your pain after a breast reduction?

I'm having a breast reduction in a couple of hours and I'm really nervous. What will the pain be like after it's over and how much pain is there when... READ MORE

Do I Need To Drain This Fluid After Reduction?

Is there any way to get rid of the fluid quickly? I do not remotely look like I have had a breast reduction and I can hear the fluid gurgling around.... READ MORE

9 Days on Antibiotics, Several Irrigations of Betadine and Hibiclense, Still Purulent Drainage After Breast Reduction?

I am now 26 days post op breast reductions, did great first 14 days. then started infections. Purulent (no odor) drainage still coming back, PS wants... READ MORE

21 days post op breast reduction, one side bigger than the other (photo)

I am 21 days post op and one of my breast is majorly bigger than the other. Looks to be about a cup size larger. The larger one is also much harder,... READ MORE

Ps Said Some Tissue In My Left Breast Has Died But She's Not Concerned. Is This More Serious Than She's Making It Out To Be?

About 2 weeks after my breast reduction, I noticed that the left breast was still draining and the "bruising" was not going away. I've seen my surgeon... READ MORE

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