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Breast Reduction for Petite Patient with 36DD Breast?

I'm 27 years old, 5'0" and I weigh 130 lbs. I am considering getting a Breast reduction, currently my breast size is 36DD. I am having lots... READ MORE

During a breast reduction, can cyst removal be done while taking out breast tissue? (photo)

Was wondering if when a breast reduction is being done, while taking out the breast tissue, are the doctors able to remove cysts as well..? I feel... READ MORE

I am 28yo with large cysts in my breasts. My breasts sag a lot for my age and always have, I want a reduction to fix this.

I live in Louisiana for school, but am considering going to Northern CA for the surgery, find it more expensive there though. Why? I am uninsured. READ MORE

Can breast cysts/fibroids be removed at the same time as part of the Breast Reduction procedure?

I have fibrocystic breasts, confirmed by a previous mammogram and ultrasound. Some of the cysts are quite painful. Years ago, I was given the option... READ MORE

Ill-defined Hypoechoic Shadowing Area After Breast Reduction?

I had breast reduction in 6 months ago 1kg 300 gm. tissue was sent for biopsy and came back negative a week ago, I had ultrasound. They found two... READ MORE

18 yr Old Breast Reduction C to small B/A? (photos)

I have gotten several cyst removes between the age 15-17 and this has left my breast saggy with excess skin and large looking areolas. Will a breast... READ MORE

I Have Dozens of Small Cysts in Both Breasts - and my Breasts Are Very Large and Heavy Although I Am Not Overweight?

I am 45 and not yet menopausal. Can I have a breast reduction/uplift with these cysts. Are they cysts likely to recur following a reduction READ MORE

Is multiple benign calcifications after a breast reduction normal? Breast Reduction was done 13 months ago.

Had a breast reduction done 13 months ago. Last wk had Ultrasound and Mammogram and indicates multiple benign calcifications and small cyst on right... READ MORE

Persistent Assymetry 8 Weeks After Breast Reduction on Cystic Breasts - when is Revision Advisable?

I still have significant swelling and redness of my lower right breast, which is visbly larger, 8 weeks postop. Additionally, my right nipple is a cm... READ MORE

Can I get a fluid filled cyst drained after Breast Reduction? I'm 4 weeks post surgery.

Prior to my surgery my GP discovered a lump in my left breast. I went for an ultrasound & it was discovered that they were fluid filled & posed no... READ MORE

I'm 69 and have multiple cysts in breast. Size 44DD, breasts are big and heavy, have had 6 back surgeries. Any suggestion?

I'm 69 years old. Have multiple cysts in both breasts; they are big and heavy - size 42DD. Have had 6 Back operations - last one almost a year ago and... READ MORE

Can Fat necrosis developed 4 almost 5 months after a breast reduction.

About a week ago my husband noticed a lump on my left breast I just shrugged it off as fat necrosis because I had a breast reduction almost 5 months... READ MORE

Cyst oozing infections two open wounds/ holes along vertical line 11 months post BR. now it's 2.2 YRS still not healing (Photo)

Still oozing/ infected 2.2 yrs post BR Original PS said he can't help me, that I was prone to cysts. He would have to preform a mastectomy. I seeked a... READ MORE

6 week post op breast reduction. I developed a cyst on my left breast underneath nipple. Need a second opinion! (Photo)

I was informed by my doctor I had developed a cyst. I was thrown off and surprised because I really thought it was wound separation. I went from a G... READ MORE

Swollen axillary lymph node (going on 2 years), normal CBC, antibiotic regimen unhelpful. Any suggestions?

Had a cyst in my breast removed 2 years ago. Shortly after my axillary lymph node swelled up and was very painful. Biopsy showed atypical cells,... READ MORE

Scar revision of breast after complications from reduction and marble size cyst My question is should I ask for mammogram or US?

S/p BR 14 mths ago. complications post op day 1,developed a fever, post op day 2 developed a lg blister to right breast.Eschar developed the months of... READ MORE

Am I allowed to smoke after small surgery? (Photo)

Today I had a surgery to remove a cyst/lump inside my breast. It developed shortly after my breast reduction (Breast reduction was done Oct 10, 2014)... READ MORE

Is it Seroma, a boil or a cyst? I'm worried. 11 months post op. (photos)

After 11 months after breast reduction. A boil like blister formed on my left breast on my lower t incision site below my nipple. It's been over a... READ MORE

Will Tricare Prime cover tissue removal in the breast?

Last year I was referred to a radiologist to get checked for a breast cyst since it was causing slight pain and discomfort plus all the females in my... READ MORE

Is it possible for a Plastic Surgeon to remove a (breast cyst) during a breast reduction?

I am looking to perform a breast reduction very soon. I just found out I have a ball/lump of mass on my right breast. Can this cyst be removed during... READ MORE

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