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Infection at Incision Site? 2 Weeks Post Breast Reduction and Incision Site Turned Yellow/White With Discharge?

I recently had a breast reduction and am 2 weeks post op. In the past few days, the incision site under my breasts has turned white/yellow. It's also... READ MORE

What can I do to treat these scars? I am one year post breast reduction surgery. (Photo)

For the past year since surgery I've recieved kenalog injections and used silicone sheeting. Recently I've used kelocote. I am first concerned with... READ MORE

What are these red lumps that have appeared along the scar lines of my Breast Reduction? (photos)

Hi I have these red hard lumps that have appeared along my scar lines which I'm very concerned about. They have been there for a few weeks now and are... READ MORE

Why do nipples appear darker in colour after breast lift/reduction surgery?

I've been doing some research into mastopexy and reduction surgery lately as it's something I'm considering and in a lot of the before and after... READ MORE

My skin around nipple changing from brown to light. Any suggestions? (photos)

After my reduction 1 1/2 yrs ago dec 2013. My nipple area was brown natural looking. PS did not do a graft just moved nipple up. Latelt inside the... READ MORE

My areola is numb and the color changed. Is this normal?

Hi, Im 45yo with breast reduction (lollipop) on the left side with implant and 2cm incision in mamory fold and breast implant on the right. Let me say... READ MORE

Why did my nipple change color after surgery?

I recently had a lump removed from my breast. The lump was benign,but i have had some odd things happen during the recovery. I have had a tight vein... READ MORE

Is my areola color spreading? Is my areola growing back the wrong way? (photos)

I had a br 3 weeks ago. At the po appt. My areola came off when tape was removed. It now seems as though the color is coming back, but also outside of... READ MORE

Does breast reduction change the colour of nipples?

I am on waiting list for consultation for breast reduction. Getting anxious about the procedure's side effects. Looking at before/after some pictures,... READ MORE

This is a year after. Is this color normal? (Photo)

They look like this and I had them done a year ago is this normal? For them to be this color? READ MORE

Will my skin turn back to its normal color after a breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 4 weeks and 3 days post op of a breast reduction and lift. My doctor says I am healing very slowly. I still am not able to shower, I can take... READ MORE

Breast reduction post op concern about color/healing. (Photo)

Breast reduction. Exactly 1 week post op. Worried about the black on my incisions, I have never had surgery before so idk if this is normal. I do not... READ MORE

Will I ever regain feeling in my left nipple?

I just turned 18, and had breast reduction on my left to fix assymetry two weeks ago. She also moved my right nipple more the the center with a half... READ MORE

Will my nipple color ever fill in?

Hi am 25 I had my surgery last year I do smoke I just quick .. I wanted to know if my nipple color going to come back READ MORE

How long will it take for the color in my areoles to come back after my breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction on June 13, 2015(3mnths ago)During my surgery I had to have the nipple grafting procedure. My areoles are brown around the... READ MORE

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