3 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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What is the best scar treatment cream/oil for my breast reduction scars? (Photo)

I am using bio oil on my scars. I am 14 weeks post op from my breast reduction and lift. Is Platos or Malarose a better choice! I have never seen... READ MORE

Very Swollen Upper Abdomen After Breast Reduction, 3.5 Months Post Op. What Should I Do? (photo)

Breast reduction was 1/17/12. Had allergic reaction to a medication given to me during surgery. I also had a bad infection at the incision site. I was... READ MORE

How Can You Tell when the Swelling Has Subsided After a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a BR 11/21/12 I'm 25 yo, 5'2, 157lbs. My PS said I should heal to a small d & that I still have a lot of swelling. I feel I’m still too l... READ MORE

Areola Color Fading After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I underwent breast reduction three months ago . Everything was fine until I noticed that the areola color for my right breast was kinda peeling off. I... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Reduction Belly Extended All of a Sudden- Why?

3 Months AFTER Breast Reduction Belly Extended All of a Sudden Look 9 Mo Pregnant READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, Experiencing Open Wound and Drainage. Should I Have Surgery to find Necrosis?

I had a breast reduction in November 2011. As of February 2012 I still have an open wound and fat neucrosis drainage. This occurs along the edge of an... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Feel Tenderness (Extreme), Aching, Pain & Hardness 11 Weeks Post-op?

I still have fairly strong pain & tenderness 11 weeks after reduction/lift from 34E-F to a C. I had compromised blood flow w/ nipple wounds that... READ MORE

Almost 3 Months Post Op and Left Breast Still Noticeably Larger then Right? (photo)

So im 11 weeks, and I love my right side but i feel like my left is too big. I know its not a drastic difference but the left has more volume. I... READ MORE

Blister/pimple along scar line 12 weeks after breast reduction. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had my reduction at the end of June, and I still have dissolvable stitches which haven't dissolved yet and I have lumps along my scar lines because... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction - Already Sagging - What Can I Do? (Photo)

Just Got a Breast Reduction I Am Not Happy my Breast Are Saging Already Its Only Bin Three Months. READ MORE

I am 3 months post op from breast reduction, and only measuring one cup size smaller (32G to 32F). Will my size change? (Photo)

I am 13 weeks post op from breast reduction. I was a 32G, and I got measured today at 2 stores and am 32F. I was not wearing the wrong size before, as... READ MORE

Concern About Asymmetry Breast After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had the breast reduction surgery on July 18. My PS removed 130 gm from the left breast and 90 gm from the right one. After a few weeks after the... READ MORE

I Had a BR 3 Months Ago - They Are Still Looking a Bit Sqaure - How Long Before They Might Round Out?

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago and went from about an F/G to a C cup (36 band). They are still kind of square and one nipple appears to be... READ MORE

Too Much Lower Pole Fullness After Lejour Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hello! I had a Lejour Breast Reduction 3 months ago and although I love the shape, I am concerned about excessive lower pole fullness. My... READ MORE

I'm Spitting a Stitch 18wks Post Op from a BR, and It's Infected. How Can I Treat It Until my PS Gets Back in Town? (photo)

I am 18 wks post op and spitting a stitch. My PS is out of town; I have an appt with him in 6 days. I visited my primary care manager in the mean... READ MORE

Is it normal for breast size to increase by two cup sizes within 3 months of a breast reduction? (photos)

My breast reduction was performed three months ago. I was measured as a B post op, and have already increased to a D. This has not been accompanied by... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction and Brown Nipple Discharge?

Hello, I'm 12 weeks breast reduction post op, and my right breast still has a few hard swollen spots. Today they started to ache and then I noticed... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Failed Breast Reduction?

Had breast reduction in September. Complications, was told "fat necrosis", wound split top to bottom and has healed that way. Looks badly scarred,... READ MORE

3 months post op of Breast Reduction and still have wound. Should I start another round of antibiotics? (photos)

I am 12 weeks post breast reduction and still having issues healing. I'm one week off this round antibiotics and I just started to become red, tender... READ MORE

I'm about 3 months post op. vertical breast reduction. Will this extra skin go away?

So im a few days shy of 3 months post. Ive been taking photos since beginning. I have what seems to be extra skin under each breast I just had a... READ MORE

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