Breast Reconstruction Videos

Risks of Direct to Breast Implant Reconstruction

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses the procedure of placing a breast implant during breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, along with the risks involved in the procedure. VIEW NOW

The Connection Between ALCL Cancer and Breast Implants

Dr. Julio-Clavijo-Alvarez discusses and clarifies the correlation of breast implants and ALCL cancer, more technically known as anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Dr. Sophie Rickett discusses a situation where a former breast cancer patient has developed capsular contracture. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction Tissue Expanders

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses the use of tissue expanders following a mastectomy. These temporary devices help with making room for an implant to reconstruct the breast following surgery. VIEW NOW

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What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Bernard Salameh discusses what the breast reconstruction procedure entails and who is a good candidate for it. VIEW NOW

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Is It Time For a Breast Implant Revision?

Tune in as Dr. Gary Lawton discusses what patients should expect after breast implant revision surgery. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reconstruction: What is the DIEP Flap?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses the DIEP flap. He covers what DIEP stands for and how it is utilized in surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer: This Woman Gets a Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy

Dr. J. Garrett Harper shows how the tissue expander and acellular dermal matrix, a soft tissue replacement commonly referred to as ADM, are sewn into place and how the mastectomy flap is draped back over the reconstructed breast. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction 101: What Are My Options?

Dr. Robert Whitfield discusses what breast reconstruction options are available in the market and what kinds of patients are best for each. VIEW NOW

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Before & After: Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performed a breast lift and reconstruction after a mastectomy for this cancer survivor. She had previously underwent a lift on the left side. Dr. Tehrani demonstrates how the pleated sutures will become a smooth scar. VIEW NOW

Breast Revision: What Is Acellular Dermal Matrix and How Is It Used?

Dr. Robert Caridi explains what acellular dermal matrix is and how it's used. He highlights the physical characteristics, composition, and different uses in surgery. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant Exchange: Treating Capsular Contracture and Breast Asymmetry (GRAPHIC)

After three previous procedures, this woman was left with capsular contracture and breast asymmetry. Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a capsulectomy, a breast lift and an implant exchange to give her more natural symmetrical and healthy breasts. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reconstruction: What Is the Importance of the DIEP Flap?

Dr. Raj Ambay explains how the DIEP flap comes into play when performing a breast reconstruction procedure. VIEW NOW

Different Types of Breast Enhancement Procedures

Learn more about breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and breast reconstruction procedures with Dr. Darrick Antell. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction with a Peak Plasma Blade (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy using a Peak Plasma Blade. VIEW NOW