Breast Reconstruction Videos

Breast Revision: What Is Acellular Dermal Matrix and How Is It Used?

Dr. Robert Caridi explains what acellular dermal matrix is and how it's used. He highlights the physical characteristics, composition, and different uses in surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Exchange: Treating Capsular Contracture and Breast Asymmetry (GRAPHIC)

After three previous procedures, this woman was left with capsular contracture and breast asymmetry. Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a capsulectomy, a breast lift and an implant exchange to give her more natural symmetrical and healthy breasts. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction: What Is the Importance of the DIEP Flap?

Dr. Raj Ambay explains how the DIEP flap comes into play when performing a breast reconstruction procedure. VIEW NOW

Different Types of Breast Enhancement Procedures

Learn more about breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and breast reconstruction procedures with Dr. Darrick Antell. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction with a Peak Plasma Blade (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy using a Peak Plasma Blade. VIEW NOW

Who Is the Best Candidate for a Direct Breast Implant Reconstruction?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses who a good candidate for a direct breast implant reconstruction. VIEW NOW

Breast Cancer Awareness and Reconstruction

Dr. Essie K. Yates lectures on how breast cancer affects women and what happens to their bodies after being treated with chemotherapy. VIEW NOW

Breast Cancer: Learn About Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Caroline Glicksman discusses what options are available for those considering an aesthetic update to their breast reconstruction procedure after battling breast cancer. VIEW NOW

Cancer Survivors: Returning for Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Caroline Glicksman discusses why breast cancer survivors should consider a revision for their breast reconstruction procedure and what options are available. VIEW NOW

Learn How This Breast Cancer Survivor Got Her Life Back

Dr. Ben Brown shares this video of this breast cancer survivor who gained a new perspective on life after her DIEP procedure. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Perforator Flap?

Dr. Steven Wallach explains what a perforator flap is, what it is used for, and how a it works following a cosmetic procedure. VIEW NOW

See an Embrace Scar Therapy Application and Results

Dr. Edward Miranda demonstrates application of Embrace scar therapy to a C-section scar. The dressing relieves pressure and tension surrounding an incision which allows scars to heal thinner & flatter than it would otherwise. VIEW NOW

What to Expect: Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Oren Lerman explains the available options and procedures for breast reconstruction, live here in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction: Learn About the Direct Implant Approach

Live from PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, Dr. Lisa Cassileth discusses the direct implant approach and what can be expected in breast reconstruction surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki discusses different approaches and techniques to reconstruct the breasts, depending on what is needed. VIEW NOW